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If any one food could be called the icon of healthy weight loss, it would probably have to be yogurt. Yogurt has been a dieter’s staple since the 1950s, and sits in the refrigerator of almost every woman trying to lose weight and body fat.

However, the newest research about yogurt shows that the container of yogurt sitting in your fridge right now is probably awful for you and your fat loss goals.

What’s Wrong with the Typical Yogurt?

Pretty much every commercial brand of yogurt (by that I mean the brands you see on TV) is loaded with either sugar (more than in a candy bar for some brands!) or cancer-causing artificial sweeteners.

But there’s even more that’s wrong with that yogurt. Despite what you read about yogurt and probiotics, most of the bacterial colonies present in those yogurts were dead before they made it to your refrigerator, so they’re useless for digestive tract health.

I have one more bit of bad news about that yogurt in your fridge, and then I have some good news.

The Bad News

The bad news is that pasteurization has made that commercial yogurt (and even some organic, pasture-raised yogurts) less healthful than they should be.

Pasteurization not only kills beneficial bacteria present in milk, it also makes the sugars in milk, which is called lactose, into beta-lactose — which is absorbed into the bloodstream much faster than lactose and causes spikes in blood sugar levels.

The Good News

I promised you some good news about this delicious food, and I have plenty. If you choose the right yogurt, you will reap huge health benefits, without any of the downsides of commercial yogurt.

Organic, 100% grass-fed yogurt is loaded with healthy fats like Omega-3 fats and CLA, the vast majority of amino acids your body needs, and a wealth of B-vitamins and living, beneficial bacteria. If you can find a local supplier of raw milk or raw yogurt, you can do something even better for yourself, because you eliminate the blood sugar spikes and useless bacterial colonies that occur because of pasteurization.

You can find local, organic dairy producers by checking sites like Local Harvest and Eat Wild. Many of them produce delicious yogurts, but you can also just buy the raw milk and easily make your own decadent yogurt right on your kitchen counter. It’s very easily, incredibly inexpensive, and you can create your own flavors from fresh fruits and other flavorings.

So, ditch the candy-yogurt that offers you almost no health or fat loss benefits, and enjoy real yogurt that tastes better and does your body a world of good.




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