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Back shot


When it comes to sex appeal, a nice toned back may be your most underrated asset. Why? Because it not only allows you to look your best in backless dresses, it is also the key to perfect posture.

There is something about a woman that has good posture that’s intimidating; and vice versa. Have you seen a really pretty girl who slumps? It suggests that she lacks confidence.

Your back muscles help pull your shoulders down and back so you stand tall and straight. The added benefit is that it lifts your front side too (Think Perky, not saggy).

BONUS BENEFIT: Exercises that work your back are also going to target your arms, work your core and create a strong back that will be better equipped to sustain from injury.



Main Muscles: These exercises target your middle and lower traps, your rhomboid major and rhomboid minor.

Stabilizer Muscles: These exercise also hit your upper traps, rear deltoids and rotator cuff muscles, which assist in the rowing movement.



Rowing exercises train your trapezius and rhomboids, muscles that help keep our shoulder blades from moving as you lift a weight. Why is this important? Because unstable shoulders can limit your strength in your chest and arms.


TRY THIS: Renegade Row

Rengade row


TRY THIS: Bent Over Row

Rent over row



Most people think of raises as strictly a shoulder exercise since it targets your rear deltoids. But in actuality, its the same movement as a row, only you’re not bending your elbows as you lift the weight. Raises are great for hitting your middle and upper back.

Exercise Tip: Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together as you do the exercise.


TRY THIS: Rear Lateral Raise

Rear delt dumbbell lateral raise


TRY THIS: Cable Crossover Lateral Raise (just make sure to bend at the waist – not shown)

Cable crossover


You can get these and more amazing exercises inside my 5-day Curvalicious program. I take out all the guess work. Just download the videos and do the workouts and you’ll be on your way to a sexy back in no time!

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