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Side Plank with Crunch

By June 16, 20153 Comments

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How To: Lying on your side, position your elbow directly below your shoulder and perpendicular to your body. Rest your upper leg directly on top of the lower leg. Straighten your legs out, no bend in the knee. Contract your abdominals. Keep a straight line from your head to your toes, meaning your hips should not be too low or too high. Repeat for the opposite side.

Beginner Version: Start with your knees resting on the ground/mat, keeping your knees bent and feet behind. Rest your upper knee directly on top of the lower knee and contract your abdominals.

Main Muscles: Obliques, Rectus Abdominus

Secondary Muscles: Erector Spinae, Adductors, Glutes

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  • Thanks for the tips! I’ve been looking for a new exercise for my obliques, so this seems exactly what I need. When I bring my leg in for a crunch, is it crucial to keep my hips as level as possible once I’m up in a side plank? The second picture of the girl doing the crunch looks like she dipped her hip downward a little. I want to make sure that I do this exercise correctly, so if dipping my hips down a little isn’t a big deal, then that way I can know that I’m not doing the side plank with a crunch incorrectly.

  • rebecca says:

    This is great work, thank you for adding this new tip to the website. I have been longing to read up on how to do this one better, and this seems handy 🙂

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