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Thank you for taking the time to read this post today. I’d love to know my readers a little better, so please post what your motivators are and what areas you struggle with.

What Motivates Me — a few things:

1) Staying in good health is motivated by my desire to live to see my baby’s babies. Since having Milia, it has become even more important for me to stay in good shape so I can be around A LONG TIME to see her grow into a beautiful woman. Beautiful through God’s standards, not the worlds.

2) Keeping things fresh in my marriage (wink). If I am not feeling good about myself, I wont want to get undressed in front of my husband, which leads to an unhealthy marriage. Sure, there is a lot more to a healthy marriage, but having intimacy is VERY important. My love language is touch. If I’m not getting my love language met in my marriage, I won’t feel loved.

3) Feeling good about myself. I have to say that this one is probably my biggest motivator. When I feel good about myself, I am a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

Since being pregnant again, I find myself struggling with my self esteem. I am gaining weight, the weather stinks (making me white as a ghost), my energy is low and that stresses me out.

What I do about it: exercise, fake tan and go to sleep early. Seriously, those three things are HUGE for me. Sounds silly but I am just being completely transparent.

What about you? What drives you?


motivational quotes women


Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful!

-Sophie Loren-

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  • Paulen says:

    You have a slamming body, a fabulous attitude and a gorgeous new world in your hands with another en route. Please do tell me that you have as much intelligence as you display on your site and that you DO NOT use tanning beds to color your skin. Melanoma metastasizes straight through to the spinal cord and up to the circuit center. Say “no” to the things you can control and be there for those wonderful babies…..and perhaps even theirs!

  • raven thorne says:

    Awe Flavia you are my no 1 inspiration, that’s just the hormones kicking in, every one climbs into a rut now and then and I am sure that Vince always tells you how beautiful you look, this is just a phase you are going through, nine months can go by very quickly, do what you know makes you feel good about yourself and be you. This will not last forever. Remember you are someone’s motivation.

  • jennifer says:

    Congrats Flavia on your second pregnancy. I can understand not feeling the love as the body changes but consider that you at this very moment are a miracle maker! The body is so amazing and resilient. You will bounce back after pregnancy in no time given your determination and your #1 motivator.

  • Joni Posey says:

    You nearly took the words right out of my mouth. My # 1 motivator is being strong and healthy for the people I love. I want to BE a blessing to everyone I come in contact with. Exercising and eating right makes me a better person and helps me cope with day-to-day stress. It helps me keep things in perspective and keep an “Attitude of Gratitude”. I’m loving my curvalious workouts. Thank you!

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