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Break A Bad Habit (Article)

By January 3, 2015One Comment
1.       Figure Out The Trigger – What is it that is causing your  bad habit? Next time you find yourself reaching for the cookies, stopping for fast food, skipping a workout… write down the time of day, what you are doing, how you are feeling, & who you are with. This will help you figure out what triggers your habit.
2.       What Are You Really Wanting? – What do you feel like you are getting from your habit? For example, at 1 pm I reach for a snack because I think I am hungry, but really I just need more water and a little pick me up to help boost my energy while I am sitting at my desk working.  Instead I juice some veggies!
3.       Trade in Your Old Routine With a New One – Trade your 1:00pm cookie-sugar-fix with a juice or something healthier such as a handful of dark chocolate covered nuts, AND drink more water.
Hope that helps!
Most people can cure a bad habit by targeting the reason. Some people smoke only when they drink. Some people overeat when they drink. Some people think they need more coffee because they are tired, but may just need a vitamin boost. Keep track of the time of day and even the people you are with because those things might jut be your key to quitting the habit!

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  • Grayson says:

    Great article, Flavia! I learned a lot and will definitely use these steps to break some ot my bad habits in 2015a

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