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Butt & Squat Workout (Wednesday Workout)

By October 29, 2014June 10th, 20164 Comments

butt lift workout


BUTT & SQUAT Workout

Do each exercise without rest in-between. After all 4 exercises, rest for 30 seconds and repeat until you reach 20 minutes.

1) Pistol Squat  10/side
2) Barbell (or dumbbell) Squat (heavy)   6-8 reps
3) Lying Leg Curl on Stability Ball + Glute Bridges  15 reps
4) Kettlebell Swing (or dumbbell) – pop glutes hard at the top  25 reps

Remember you can always check what the exercises look like in the exercise library on the blog. For the barbell squat I was using 25 pound plates on each side + an additional 10 pounds on my final set. For the kettlebell swings, I was using a 25 pound kettlebell.

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  • Deniza says:

    Hi Flavia,

    thank you for posting these great Workouts and Recipes. I think I’m going to buy the Skinnylicious book some time, when I have more time and it is available for European countries 🙂
    I noticed that your workouts since you gave birth have been shorter but you still were/ are able to build a lot of muscle and lose fat! In the last months I too build muscle (in my glutes yeaah) and my waist got significantly smaller. I weight train 5 times per week and it’s often 1 hour or longer (with warm up, stretching etc.). I also have uneven hips so my SI joint hurts sometimes, when I work out too intense. Do you think I could keep the muscle/ gain more and lose fat if I cut down on volume a little bit? I am doing 25sets total in my lower body workouts. I think about cutting down to 15-20sets total but still with good form, focusing on achieving the burn. If I keep training this intense, it’s not healthy for me… . I would really love to hear a recommendation from you! Thx a lot.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Deniza,
      Skinnylicious is completely digital so it is available to download to your computer no matter where you are! Yes, you could try cutting down on your volume, but try to keep as much intensity in your workouts. Good job on your progress so far!
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Deniza says:

    Hi Anna,

    thank your for you help. I wish Skinnylicious was available on Amazon, unfortunately I don’t have a VISA or any of the other listed payment carts. I could only buy it wish euros… Hopefully I will get a VISA one day and then I can purchase this …
    Have a nice day 🙂

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