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5 Things Every Bad Cook Does Wrong (article)

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1) Bad Cooks Do Not Use Residual Heat To Finish Cooking

Did you know that turning off the heat and letting your food sit will overcook it almost every time? It’s true. Do Not make this mistake. The best way to finish cooking meat is to remove it from the pan about 5 – 10 degrees before the desired “done” temperature.  Done correctly, this will keep the meat tender and juicy.


2) Bad Cooks Use Too High Temperature When Cooking

This happens all to often. Why? Because everyone is in a hurry and think that turning up the heat will cook the meat faster therefore saving some time. Look, we can’t reverse time and when you turn up the heat all you’re doing is cooking the outside of the meat and leaving the inside rare. Now depending on what kind of meat you’re cooking maybe this isn’t so bad but do you really want to take the chance of getting sick because you ate meat that was undercooked. And not only that but how many times do you turn the heat up high, think the you’re done cooking, put the food on the plate, sit down and then cut it open to find out it’s rare inside? Talk about frustration.


3) Bad Cooks Do Not Cook Food From Room Temperature

Bad cooks will pull the meat straight from the frig and toss it in the hot pan ready to cook. This is one of the worse things a cook can actually do. Taking the meat from super cold temperatures and placing them in extreme heat causes the meat to burn and cook unevenly.


By removing the meat from the frig and bringing it to room temperature before cooking it will actual help to cook the meat evenly and sustain the juices. Want perfection, let the meat sit out for 30 minutes to an hour before cooking.


4) Bad Cooks Use TOO Much Salt and/or Spice

Talk about taking some great meat and turning it into a sodium nightmare. That’s what a bad cook does when she just pours the salt all over the meat and never test for taste. And this is the same with spices. A seasoned cook knows it is important to flavor the meat as they go. By doing so the salt or spices soak into the juices of the meat and build the flavor providing a much better flavor but the cook has to taste as they go in order to get it right.


5) Bad Cooks Give Too Much or Too Little Attention As They Cook

A bad cook is one that places the meat or whatever he may be cooking into the pan, places the lid on it and then walks away to get something else done. The mistake in this is not paying attention to how the food is cooking. Is the pan getting too hot, should the temperature be increased or decreased? Should the meat be rearranged in the pan?

When one doesn’t pay attention to the cooking the food just simply doesn’t turn out right, something always gets burnt, undercooked or doesn’t taste right. Pay attention to your cooking if you want to get it done right.


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