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Food Fridays – Do You Eat Enough Cinnamon?

By September 13, 20136 Comments
healthy eating recipes

healthy eating recipes

Recipes for Eating Healthy!

Cinnamon is great to sprinkle on your coffee, on your oat meal or to add into a spice mix for your cooking. 

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  • Mauri says:

    I like to sprinkle it and a little nutmeg on my apple slices. It’s like having dessert!

  • Italia says:

    This is cinnamon season for me with all the apple crisps and apple sauces I make. Thanks for reminding me again Flavia how healthy of a food it is, not only tasty.

  • Bella says:

    Hi Flavia!!

    Could you please tell me how many calories I should be consuming in order to gain muscle and lose fat? How can I calculate them? and what % of macros should I aim for?


  • Marianne says:

    If I want “dessert” I will throw a whole stick into my coffee cup- that alone will often satisfy my sweet tooth.

  • Sally says:

    I use cinnamon on salmon – just sprinkle some on your filets, top with a bit of butter and lemon juice, bake and serve! I put mine on a bed of brown rice, and pour on the juice. Great with some steamed broccoli (that I also top with cinnamon and butter). It’s really delicious and easy to fix.

  • Appreciate it for helping out, wonderful information. “Hope is the denial of reality.” by Margaret Weis.

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