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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – Does it get easier?

By April 29, 2013April 16th, 201423 Comments

Workouts for women

It never gets easier you just get stronger.

Time to get motivated ladies! How was your weekend?


This weekend went pretty well. I was certainly not into eating anything that wasn’t healthy for me BUT that is because the week prior was pretty bad! I was so busy working on my pregnancy program that I allowed myself to have pizza for two days that was left over from a Monday night family get together we had.


Not having enough groceries in the fridge lead to poor decision making when lunch hit. It’s like going to work without any prepared food and allowing convenience to steer your decisions. I also allowed myself to put my health second next to work, which shouldn’t happen.


– Get your groceries on time. Don’t allow your fridge to get empty which will prevent you from preparing.

– Make your health the MOST important thing. Without your health, what do you have? You can’t take care of your family when you’re not well (mentally or physically).

Tell me about your week. What did you struggle with and what triumphs did you have?

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  • Anna says:

    Love the new style of Motivation Mondays!!

    You are right. It is so important to be prepared and only have healthy foods in the house.

    This weekend my “monthly visitor” came and I always crave sweets and peanut butter around this time. I know if I had had chocolate cake or any other bad food in the house I probably would have ate it. I didn’t have anything like that so instead I put together 1 TBS natural peanut butter + 1/2 TBS raw honey + 1/2 scoop chocolate protein powder + 1 TBS cocoa. This was just what I needed to satisfy my cravings and sweet tooth 🙂

  • sune says:

    A colleague was on a trip and brought sweets for everyone to eat. I suck it up and even though my friend tried to say that one doesn’t hurt, I didn’t take any. My struggle has lately been my friend. She’s constantly saying I can’t do this and I’m going to brake myself, in oh so many ways. Also, one of my friends is on some sort of soup diet, and that got the group talking about how unhealthy it is to be on diets and thinking about what you eat. I decided not to say anything and hope that results will speak for themselves.
    I’m feeling really motivated right now and as I’m anxiously waiting for visible results, I notice that I’m working harded for them.

    • Heather C. says:

      Keep up the good work Sune! It’s always seems easier to give in when everyone else criticizes your food choices. And yes, extreme diets can be more harmful to the body in the long run but I also think a lot of people don’t understand the difference between “dieting” and “eating healthy”. Just because you eat lots of veggies and pass on sweets/fast food meals doesn’t mean you’re on a diet, it just means you’re giving proper thought to what goes in your body! Don’t let anyone, family or friends, let you feel bad because you’re passing up foods that make you feel bad. Also, I think everyone has their own method on how much of what type of food goes into their mouths. For some journaling works, for others it just doesn’t. I suffered from anorexia from ages 15 till 21 (23 now and getting better everyday) and writing down everything I put into my mouth isn’t an option for me because I mentally associate it with a disease. However, I am very conscience of what I’m eating and my portion sizes. I feel safe doing this and I don’t overeat nor do I undereat because I’ve learned to recognize my “full” and “hungry” signals again. My point is do what works for you and don’t be afraid to be different. Health is earned, a “hot body” is just a side effect of the dedication to that endeavor.

  • Becky says:

    This was a wonderful weekend! My neice’s first communion was saturday, and I had a baby shower to go to Sunday. Then I went to my mom’s to visit with the family some more Sunday night. So there was junk food ALL weekend… I didn’t say no to anything, lol. So the scale went up 2 pounds. Which I’m sure is mainly water weight. I hope… The next 2 weekends will be bad as well… since I have a family gathering with my boyfirends family saturday then a birthday on Sunday. The next weekend is another 1st communion party and Mother’s day on Sunday 🙁 I love these gatherings, I just wish there was healthy food there and no junk food, lol.
    I will try the best I can to get by and just treat my self to something little at each event and make sure I workout those days on top of eating clean every 3 hours. I just needed to vent a little, lol. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, lol. 🙂 I do always bring a healthy dish and I try to chew gum at these events but I usually take it out to eat dessert or something else.

    By the way, I LOVE your cauliflower pizza recipe that you posted, it was amazing!

    • Kelly says:

      I try to eat before I go out – then I am not hungry to eat the bad stuff when out. Also, what sometimes works for me is to keep a glass of water in my hand. Then I have to put the glass down to pick something bad up – makes me think twice… otherwise it is in my mouth before I realise what I have done!!!

      And I agree – the cauliflower pizza is amazing!!

  • Becky says:

    Sune, Kudos to you, you are really determined. As long as you treat yourself once a week… do you? I lost 20 pounds several years ago and have been able to maintain my weight for the last several years by treating myself to a cheat meal once a week. I hope you do the same for your mental health. If you are getting by and are ok without it, then I wish I could be like you, lol. I need that cheat meal to stay on the wagon (even thought I love all the healthy food I eat all week, its just hard not to have cookies or cake once in a while, I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I do find healthy ways to satisfy it, I just need the real thing once a week, and pizza on some weeks too if its at a family gathering!). I gain water wieght most weeks from my cheat meal, I loose it by the end of the week after working out and eating clean all week. I hope I loose it this week! lol

  • sune says:

    I lost about 66 pounds a few years ago, so yeah I know the importance of cheats. It’s just that for now I really want to be extra careful and rather be a little too strict than cheat. I have had a few sweets and stuff these last two weeks, but it makes me happier not eating them than it does eating them. I feel really proud I could resist urge. At least those are my feelings right now. Who knows how much I’ll want sweets couple days from now 😀

  • Jennifer says:

    I use cheat meals as a motivation tool to push myself in my workouts and continuing to eat clean. I love wine and dark chocolate and I figure as long as I am eating healthy 90% of the time there is no reason why I cannot indulge if I know I have the willpower to get back on track.

  • Flavia says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone. Keep it up. I love to read these. I use cheat meals also. I love them and they keep me on the straight and narrow for most weeks 🙂 I always have a 90% rule. Eat wheat-free, unprocessed, low carb (excluding veggies – you want a lot of those), high fat, high protein, high veggies diet 90% of the time and 10% treat yourself. This is usually my yummy carb day!

  • Kelly says:

    Firstly, thanks so much for all your advise Flavia!

    I started Full-Body-Licious then have had to have 3 1/2 months off due to surgery. (not an exercise related injury!) However, sticky to your healthy eating, I have still lost 15 inches :). Even though there has still been “slip ups” along the way.

    I am off to physio tomorrow and am integrating various exercises back into my day as rehabilitation allows. Excited at increasing lean muscle as the fat melts off!!

  • Lori/Souper17 says:

    I had an amazing weekend because the weather was so nice! Hubs and I got out on our Harley which usually means we stop for custard(Wisconsin’s version of ice cream)…but because I’m committed to not having sugar for the month of April I packed apples for a snack when we stopped and took a break. We didn’t miss the custard stop at all because we replaced it with a healthy replacement. The more you challenge yourself to eat clean and workout hard the more it becomes the norm.

    However, come my Birthday at the end of May that custard will be a must!!! LOL! It’ll taste all the better because I earned it!

  • Anneli says:

    Becky, have you heard of the Dessert Angel, Helen? Her website is I bought Helen’s ebook because my husband has Diabetes Type II. The recipes are really good and healthy. Amazing what you can make with stevia, or dates, or honey to replace sugar. I have noticed that staying away from sugar is a life saver for me. When I consume sugar, I get very depressed and am more prone to getting sick because it weakens my immune system.

    Flavia, thank you for putting together the Curvalicious Workout. I had two surgeries (torn meniscus, complex foot surgery), am recovering nicely and scaling the workout down until I am back to full speed. My body lets me know when I overdo an exercise, so I am learning to listen to it, and modify accordingly. Our bodies are so adaptable, remarkable creations.

  • Amanda says:

    Thank you so much for the free gifts you made available!!! I hate to ask a stupid question, but I’m somewhat of a beginner. I saw the 3 part videos, each one had a complete Circuit. The email said 3 25 minute workouts. The videos are about 5 minutes each. My question is, are you supposed to do one circuit until you’ve worked out for 25 minutes, or am I missing something? Sorry to ask what I’m sure is a silly question.

  • adhoyt1 says:

    Thanks to everyone for posting on here – I love to read others comments about how their eating, etc. is going. I just recently discovered Flavia’s website and downloaded her workouts. I do workout with a trainer 3 days per week so that really helps in keeping up with the workouts. I struggle with the nutrition portion. So, I am challenging myself to eat clean and healthy for the month of May and then I will indulge a little over Memorial Day weekend when we get together with family and friends to cookout and have some fun. I’m going to try eating clean and healthy most of the time and then just let myself indulge a little on special occassions, etc. I think for me right now that will work best so I can get on track and stay there where the eating is concerned. Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up!

  • Farhat Qureshi says:

    Hi there!!! Indeed it is wonderful when you get stronger.. I thought this would be nice to share. I am now at 50LB single leg dumbbell Romanian dead lift (form your curvalicious booty day).. I am sore-ish today.. but it was awesome. I told my husband… “how many husbands can say their wives can do that?? ” hahah 🙂

  • susan says:

    I learnt something amazing on youtube looking all nutrition facts.I found out about Alkalizing the body,which is so important for body builders.I learnt you hgave to keep your body above the acidic level all the time to avoid any serious sickness,and body builders must triple up on minerals.

  • susan says:

    SpiritofhealtKC-on youtube.he is amazing.With Flavia exercise and cooking tips now i learnt all secret to keep away my body of all sickness .I am also planning to take pictures,because I search everything but even the great Jennifer Nicole Smith Fusion felt bad after I saw Flavia `s workouts.I cannot afford trainers,so I decided to train myself for competition with Flavias webside and workouts.When I saw her pregnant i almost cried.i wanna see flavia and Vince bundle of joy.these two thought me so so much.

  • susan says:

    I am sorry for using all these pages,but something came to my mind.Once I read that you must switch protein and carb days to “trick”your body.On carb days could you tell me what can i eat besides veggies?>Which pasta do you recommend -I love pasta!!!I am scared to eat whole wheat,but I saw in the supermarket like spinach and tomato pasta…etc.but I have no idea if they are good or no so I avoid them.could u please suggest me what could be a carb day?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Susan, anything that is wheat-free is the best. Try quinoa pasta, brown rice pasta, or soba noodles.

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