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Flexible Friday – Abdominal Stretch – Cobra

By June 7, 2012April 16th, 20147 Comments

Cobra Abdominal Stretch

If you are a Flavilicious Female your abs have likely been through a lot! Abs are my forte. If you are a new member and recently started Curvalicious, you may be in a bit of pain when you laugh — sorry 🙂

Make sure to use this stretch at the end of the abdominal warm up or after the workout.

weight loss tips

  • Keep your hips and legs flat on the mat and aligned to the width of your shoulders.

  • Glance at the ceiling but make sure that your head isn’t pulled back too far. You don’t want to feel any pressure in the back of your neck. Take a deep breath and inhale.

  • Hold this position for 30 seconds. Relax your body, then repeat again for another 30 seconds.

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  • Janet says:

    Hi Flavia, Thank you for all the work you put into creating the program. I bought Curvalicious after getting a link from the Shapeshifter program, which I am currently about half way through. I’ve been reading through your guides and looking at the exercises, and I’m really excited about it all. I am going to finish my 6 week Shapeshifter program first, before I get started on Curvallicious. I just wanted to say ‘Hi’ because it feels a little weird to have bought the program and not started it yet.
    I think I’ll start incorporating Cobra into my warm ups or cool downs right away – I haven’t practiced my yoga as much since starting the body weight training and diet I’m following atm, and seeing this blog post has inspired me to iclude yoga more often during the week. (I think I have been getting used to the new exercises, so the yoga has dropped down a bit – I’m sure I’ll find a balance and find what works best for me in time).
    Looking forward to joining you soon for the Curvalicious workouts.
    Best Wishes, Janet.

  • Sandy in Toronto says:

    Hi Flavia, Quick question, will the coaching call be recorded and accessible afterwards for those who are unable to listen in live? Thanks!

    • Lori says:

      Great question, Sandy…I was wondering the same thing.

      Flav…Cobra is my favorite move in Bikram yoga…only we do this stretch kneeing straight up, bending backwards at the waist, and then holding on to the back of each foot with our hands…it’s a killer stretch. At home, I’ll try this alternative. I also lay in my ball with my arms over my head in a back-bend type of position and it feels so good!

    • Flavia says:

      Yes it will be and it will be in the members area forever!

  • Carol O says:

    Is there a chat room on this site? I’ve got lots of questions but cannot find anyone to ask. I cannot find a telephone # for customer service.

  • At 7:03am on October 3, 2008, Bubba said

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