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Leaning Lateral Raise


What is great about this exercises is there is no need to raise the arm above shoulder level. For those of you who have rotator cuff problems and have been advised not to raise their arms above shoulder level, this is a great way to still ensure you are getting a great workout.


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  • Rodney says:

    The best info yet on the shoulder seem like it better than the regular shoulder exercises routine keep up the good work !

  • Cush says:

    This is an oldie but a goodie. Anything new?

  • Anna G says:

    Hi Ladies! How is everyone’s week going? I am half way through week 3 of Curvalicious and loving it! I finished Day 3 today and had an amazing pump! I think it is my favorite workout. I was happy with my progress, I did 1 more dip than I did last week and I increased my weight on the bicep curl + curtsy lunge. Tomorrow will be HIIT and yoga. Hope everyone has a great week!

    • Susana says:

      Hi Anna…i´m going on my first week… i like this program, i’m very excited to see what results i can get… Tomorrow i will do HIIT too… have a great workout 😉

    • Lori says:

      Hey Anna!

      I just got done with wo 3, and I love to hate this workout!!! I lifted really heavy today!!! Of all the exercises I think I dislike the tricep dips with kick the most…at 15 my arms really start shaking and I have to push to do my last 4 reps, especially my very last set!!! I upped the weight too on the bicep curls w/ curtsy lunge and felt good about that too!!! My tricep body dips went well this week…made it to 8 on my first set, took a break, finished the last 2 off and then on set 2 & 3, did the same only making it to 7 reps each time and then did my last 3 after a few second break.

      Susana…If you stick to the program, you’ll get amazing results. Her program is no joke and already in my third week I’m seeing more definition and loving it!!! Keep us posted on how you are progressing!!!!

      • Anna G says:

        So glad your on board with Curvalicious Susana! You should see awesome results of you stick with it! How long have you been working out?

        Great job Lori, sounds like your improving! Does anyone have any good ideas for HIIT other than sprinting? I workout at home.

        • Lori says:

          YES! Anna…I jump rope high knees super fast for 30 and then I hula-hoop for 30 seconds and I do between 10-20 minutes…depending on how much time I have. But you can choose any two exercises, one high cardio impart and the other low-impact and that would work.

          You could do toe taps on mediine ball, with slow jump rope(this time using no rope).

          • Anna G says:

            Thanks Lori, I’ll give it a try. My ankles are hurting when I sprint so I haven’t been able to do HIIT like I would like to. They don’t bother me when I do squat jumps or hopping lunges though, idk.

        • Susana says:

          Already a few times but always tried to train at home but could never continue, often arranged excuses because of my work … I’ve been in a gym a few years ago … now I’m doing at home because we can really do well this Flavia program at home. I started seriously training was passed on Monday, I want to keep, and now I do not see stop. On one side I’m a bit afraid to go down because of my work …
          Thank you for your words, which made ​​me more excited. I hope I have good news soon of you Anna and Lori … good luck to both … 😉

  • Christina says:

    Great video, very informative – will be putting this into practice.

  • Try this HIIT do as many rounds as possible in 4 minutes, be warned its a toughie!

    30 seconds mountain climbers
    30 seconds of kettle bell swings (I use a 12kg bell, you could substitute a dumbell for the kettlebell)

    Rest for 4 / 5 minutes at the end then repeat and better your score 🙂

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