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Flexible Friday – Glute Stretch For Better Functioning

By April 28, 2012April 16th, 201411 Comments

Lying Glute Stretch


Glute Stretch fitness tips

Target Muscle Stretched

fitness tips


When you are feeling “tightness” in a muscle, it is your body telling you there is something that it is protecting. Be aware of how much force you are applying to your stretching sessions, there is a limitation for a reason.

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  • Tanya says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Stretching the glutes and the piriforma areas are important to me. At the moment I am 17 weeks pregnant and am only going to be able to do these stretches for so much longer with out my belly getting in the way. Do you have any alternant suggestions?

  • Beca says:

    I just wanted to say I think you are wonderful! I have been folowing you for only 2 weeks and yet my body is looking better than it ever has! not to mention the strength and energy I now have, (my husband and children would like to thank you too) 🙂
    I have learnt so much about stretching that I never knew and have been blown away by some of the facts! you never learn this stuff in a normal gym!
    Thank you

  • Cgrove says:

    I just have a question. Stretch or not stretch before a workout? if so, for how long?

    Thank you!

    • Flavia says:

      Not static, dynamic for sure…maybe 5 minutes. If you do warm up sets with bodyweight that works too. Ex. If I was about to train legs I would do bodyweight squats and some step-ups to warm up my body.

      • Casey says:

        Thanks for saying which to do Flavia – static or dynamic. Very helpful.

        Would you then do static like the above image after workout?

  • Kat says:

    Do you have an exercise for tightness under shoulder blades?

  • Dawn says:

    Holy spammer.. the wedding dress person is all over in this blog.. ughhh

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