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Fitness Tip Tuesday – Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

By April 17, 2012April 16th, 20144 Comments

Workouts for women

Whenever you are performing an exercise ask yourself what is the goal of this exercise (G.O.T.E.)? The outcome of an exercise will only be as good as the precision with which the motion is preformed and the exact way it is challenged. It boils down to the quality of each individual repetition.

Exercise occurs on the inside. We must know what is going on inside as well as the invisible forces that are occurring with exercise. I learned this through the RTS course I am currently taking. It has changed the way I view exercise.

When choosing an exercise, it is important to know what muscles you are working and what you are trying to accomplish with that exercise. Knowing these are important when shaping your body.

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  • Jen says:

    I am a huge fan of your work, when I’m feeling a lil’ lethargic you are always my inspiration to get a good workout. I wanted to ask you if there’s any specific exercise I could do to make my mid n lower back muscles stronger. I’m pretty happy w the achievements with the rest of my body but not w my back, I still see that piece of fat the bra pushes out and saggy skin from there down.

  • Manjeet says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Does RTS means Real-time strategy?

    I am finally beginning to learn that before anything, the pursuit of goals, be it in losing weight, fitness, are not so much physical ,but mental.

    Your article in so spot on when you say that “exercise occurs on the inside”.

    Before you pick up the dumbbell, start your sprint, your mind should have mapped up what you need to do and while doing your program, or anything in life in general, you have to focus on the NOW. You only have the power to change the NOW.

    This year when I started my exercise programs to succeed in being in the best physical condition I can be, I planned not only my exercise component, but the mental component. I am reading on how to set goals, learning about my subconscious.

    I feel that if I tackle my mental aspect, I will win, and planning goals my mind is also participating in the physical process of improvement.

    I am interested about the RTS strategy you are talking about. I will be really interesting learn a lot more and how you personally adopt this strategy iin your own daily routines.

    Thanks for sharing!

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