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Six Pack Ab Workout

Dynamic Duel, Ryan Watson and I are about to take you on a thrilling abdominal workout.

Workout Breakdown

Exercise 1: Weighted Leg Raises   3 x 20
Exercise 2: Weighted Crunch   3 x 20
Exercise 3:  Stability Ball Twist   3 x 20
Exercise 4: Squeeze and Hold   3 x 20

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  • Cassie says:

    Wow Flav you look great! It’s so good you and Ryan share all your knowledge – really appreciate it!
    Just a quick question, how many times do you repeat your sets? And if it’s only once, do you follow up with a different set that works the same muscle group, or it depends on what your training that day? Thankyou!!!

  • Lori says:

    This workout is awesome! Can’t wait to incorporate some of these moves when doing “Showoff Stomach” tomorrow. Thanks for all the fresh ideas! Your abs are to die for!!! You look soooo good! Hope the photo shoot went well…can’t wait to see the pics! You and Ryan are so good at what you do!!!

  • Celeste says:

    You are such an inspiration with your abs 🙂 I am going to set a deadline and take my working out seriously! I am not sure if this is possible, but the other day I was watching the FBL videos and the music that you put with each day is so pumping for the workouts, would it be possible to make a trake of just the music for us to play while doing the workouts if we aren’t following along with the videos?
    I can’t wait to see the photoshoot photos 🙂

  • Anna says:

    I did this circuit with my cardio this morning and I felt the burn!!! I love working my lower abs, thanks so much for this circuit Flavia! You definitely have the sexy “washboard” abs now! I have one quick question, once you eat do your abs still look like that? My abs aren’t as ripped as yours but you can see the top 4 and they’re pretty flat, but when I eat breakfast (usually 4 oz of deer, 1 organic egg cooked in coconut oil and some fresh spinach) my stomach will poke out and be a bit rounded. When I finish eating I’m satisfied but I never stuff my self full.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Anna, great job! Sounds like you are holding a little water which is normal. Once you get a little leaner you won’t see that but it is hard to maintain. Eating veggies like broccoli and asparagus help to take some of the water naturally out of your body. I usually have lower abs only when I am really trying too that only stay for a few weeks, then I go to the norm of 4-pack with flat lower two. You have to be pretty lean and eat healthy 99% of the time to have a 6-pack year round. I enjoy wine and pizza/rissoto (every once in a while) too much for that and I am happy with a 4-pack that I can convert to a 6-pack when heading to the beach 🙂

      • Anna says:

        Sounds good 🙂 that’s what I was thinking I just wanted to make sure. Thanks you for replying so quickly, enjoy your week! I can’t wait to see your photos!

  • Dawn says:

    Great workout! It was nice to see some different variations for working the abs. Most are easy to incorporate in a home gym.

  • The older videos dont load. It shows an Error.

  • jen says:

    You look great and you make it look so easy. Just purchased your bodylicous and I must say it is kicking my butt. Thanks so much

  • Brenda says:

    Wow!! Great Job Flavia!
    I know that was a killer circut. You look Great! Thanks so much for sharing these awesome workouts.

  • susie says:

    Hi, I have really enjoyed watching your workouts and trying them at the gym. I have a question being that your also a nurse you can give me a better answer. I have a friend who is 45 years old, she’s had 4 kids and pretty much never did any type of work outs. Well just last year she started joining me at the gym and she has slimmed down a lot, but her gut doesn’t seem to go down. I think she has lost the elasticity in her mid area, it just hang there. What do you think? am i right? I have done all i could think.

    Thank you

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Susie, if it is just skin then it won’t tone up unfortunately.

      • Carolyn says:

        Hi Ladies

        I have been in the same boat at nearly 48 years old, I have four children too and although I only weigh 54kgs and am fairly lean my stomach does not show great definition. The only answer might be a tummy tuck and I will never have that done!


      • Hamsa says:

        I just wanted to add a little insight that might be helpful in your friends case Susie… a lady I work out with at the gym in a killer Women with Weights class never lost her belly or saddlebags even though she pushed herself and sweated and used same weights as the rest of us. This year she shed all that extra weight. How? She eliminated gluten from her diet. She never knew she was gluten sensitive, no real symptoms; but her child developed a gluten intolerance so she stopped including it in family meals and voila off fell all the extra weight. Elimination diets are wonderful to determine if there is a hidden food sensitivity that is keeping us from acheiving our goals despite the work. Best to you all! And thanks especially to Flavia for being such an inspiration!


  • Flavia,

    You obviously trained with a lot of intensity, effort, commitment, and dedication…you look great by the way, for the photo shoot.

    Now that the photo shoot is over, how will your workouts and eating change, if any until you next photo shoot happens? In other words…how do you plan to train and eat in your down time now?

    Thanks for the information and a huge thanks for posting all the video and information in association with your training these past 8 weeks.


    • Flavia says:

      Thanks! I will slowly increase my calories to maintenance (I was a eating a little less) and re-introduce dairy and fruit back into my diet. I will go back to eating carbs 2 times a day when I feel that I need extra calories (intense workout day) and that’s really about all. I will have treat meals when I work hard enough for them (on weekends mostly) and have a glass or two of wine every week or two.

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Flavia

    I ordered your dvds about a month ago from Australia and they have not arrived yet. Do you know if there’s a problem?

    Thanks Carolyn

  • Jo says:

    You look incredible!!! What awesome discipline! How many HOURS a day did you spend in the gym and how many days of extremely clean dieting did you do to get to where you are? How much weight did you lose and bodyfat? Are you planning on maintaining the 10% body fat level you are at?

  • Shellee says:

    Your hard work has sure paid off, you are definitely leaner than you were in your last shoot. I am very envious of those abs. I really look forward to your next program, you have a gift for conveying information thoroughly. I hope your house is coming along great. Will we have any more access to your 8 week program that we have not seen. God bless and feel like a champion, because you deserve it.

  • Rosa Maria Barboza says:

    Fan-tas-tic! You’re amazing, Flávia!

  • Irena says:

    Flavia you are such an inspiration- i’m over in Australia and I love all your videos!

  • Belinda Harford says:

    Hi Flavia

    You look amazing! What foods do you consume when carbing up?


  • CB says:

    Flavia – love all your videos. One thing you’ve never mentioned (I don’t think) is how long you rest between your circuit of 4 exercises? On a circuit of 4 exercises, where it seems on the video you aren’t resting between exercises, what is your rest period you recommend between each circuit?

  • Debbies21 says:

    You look terrific. Since I workout at home, could I do the first exercise on a dip station or is there a substitute and can you tell me how much the med ball was.

    Ive had 2 c-sections and anterior back surgery. If I suck my tummy in I can see the outline of the top 2, and just a shadow of the next 2, and I have the beginnings of a nice v on the bottom. My problem is on the side and of the v is squishy and no hint of anything below the shadow of the 2nd . This is the point I get frustrated. I don’t know if I have to cut calories about 1450, do more ab work or do more cardio both hiit or slow.

    When things calm down after your shoot, maybe you can tell us about how many cals you normally eat and how you reduced it for your shoot.

  • Rose says:

    Recently bought the videos and started trying out the exercises. They’re very advanced and some are very difficult. I am 68 yrs. old and have a lower back problem and can’t do sit ups. Are there any other exercises I can do w/o pulling myself up? I also have shoulder problems and can’t do the side plank push ups or overhead exercises with weights. The videos do not show alternative exercises for older women with issues like mine. I’ve always been active and done exercises so I’m not a beginner. However, most of my exercises since I hurt my back and shoulder have been mostly cardio (jazzercise and zumba). Would like to strengthen and tone my stomach muscles after having four kids and looking at a flabby stomach all these years. Hope you can help me. Thanks.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Rose,

      Try this for your abs: get on all fours and thin out the stomach as much as possible, meaning pull your navel to the ceiling (rounding your back like a camel pose). Breath out all the air while keeping your abs tight. Without moving and keeping your arms straight, pull your hands towards your knees and your knees towards your hands…without moving! Relax and repeat (I show this in Advanced Amazing Abs if you purchased it). Then use only one side at a time to work your obliques.

  • Tey says:

    How many times a week do you recommend doing this routine?

  • Youa says:

    You train like a beast. Love it. I can’t wait to try this workout tonight. Just stumbled onto you via youtube and I’m in love.

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