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As many of you know, I hired a bodybuilder to whip me into shape early this year. Why? Because I saw the results other females were getting using him as their trainer. My husband Vince has a similar story. Vince sought out Ben Pakulski, one of the most knowledgeable coaches in the fitness industry.

Ben is a professional bodybuilder and is known as “the thinking man’s bodybuilder”. Vince’s body dramatically changed after hiring Ben. Vince began using different techniques and even started doing exercises I hadn’t seen before. I asked Vince to show me some of the exercises and fell in love with the techniques in Ben’s MI40 (Mass Intensions 40) system.

What is the significance of the name?

The name, MI40 – “Mass Intentions” is significant to this program because it is representative of the conscious INTENT, to create TENSION in the muscle, as well as the pun of overall mass creation.

Here is why I think you should use Ben’s program:

1. He knows his stuff. I often pick Ben’s brain on form and technique. Ben is one of the few coaches that can give an intelligent and in-depth response to any question. He will never reply with, “well it worked for me”. He believes there is a right and wrong way of doing everything, respective to a specific goal. Ben is also training under the world’s top strength coaches like Charles Poliquin, doctors and therapists.

2. He will change the way you workout. Ben will teach you how to maximally shorten and maximally lengthen each muscle through its full range of motion. What that means is that you will be applying tension to the entire muscle without leaving any muscle fibers untapped or untrained. In plain english, he will show you how to “feel your muscles fully engaging”. Ben actually teaches how to lift lighter weights with proper technique. I laughed when Vince was using 10 pound dumbbells for some of his shoulder exercises.

3. He will shape your body to look lean and fit. The MI40 workouts are designed around the most significant number when it comes to muscle growth-40.The number 40, is the most important number in this program because it is the number that has the most scientific significance in MI40. 40 is representative of the number of days in the program (40 days), the amount of time in a set (40 seconds), the rest between sets (40 seconds), and the number of exercises used in constructing this muscle-building protocol. Many of you will immediately recognize the scientific significance of all of these numbers and some of you may not. The number 40 was chosen because of it being the MOST optimal number for many of these variables.

4. The 3 PHASE NUTRITION system is the most research based nutrition protocol I’ve seen. It’s designed to provide you with energy during your workouts, sufficient nutrients to recover and contains specific food combinations to control hormones and regulate blood sugars throughout the entire day. In short, Ben will help you gain sexy muscle without “bulking up” or losing your abs.

I strongly endorse MI40 for any female who wants to add quality muscle to their frame, boost metabolism and remodel their body to perfection.

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  • Jo says:

    Hi, I am deaf and am having a hard time to understand you in every video. There should be a better way to help all hearing impaired women, who want to ‘hear’ what you and your guests are saying, like a close-captioned feature. Thanks for your attention.

  • sandra york says:

    i was wondering if you can do these exercises at home or do you need to go to the gym

  • LISA says:

    @ Jo, sorry that you could not hear the video. It was basically saying that if you use tension on your muscles, its a good way to build the muscle without adding bulk.
    So he gave suggestions on how to accomplish this while doing other exercises. Eg with a regular squat you can incorporate a movement (tensing the leg muscles in such a fashion to either target the adductors or abductors) So he suggested while doing a squat to try and push your feet to the outside….not the knees…just the feet…..this tension will then work on the abductor muscles (outside of the thighs) and visa versa if you go into a bit of a larger stance squat and add tension in a fashion of pulling your feet in (working adductors, inside of thighs).
    Its a really simple technique. Hope this helps.

  • Shannon says:

    It’s good to see Ben can help women as well. He seems to know his stuff.
    The nutrition plan sounds good. Can the routines be more customized to
    suit different people’s goals?

    • Anna says:

      The MI40 routines are geared towards gaining muscle but the nutrition plan is very adaptable to your goals and it’s still a great program either way. The added muscle will help you lose fat 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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