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the best workout videos

the best workout videos

I know many women likely don’t think too much about building their lats but what if I told you the bigger your lats the smaller your waist would look?…Then would you think about building them?

If you are looking to build a sexy feminine physique you need to know what muscles are responsible for giving you sex appeal. Doing certain exercises a certain way is what I am all about.

Here is an exercise video my husband asked me to film for his readers. I thought I’d share this with you since this is an exercise I do often to target my lats and create the hour-glass figure.

Let me know what you think. Any exercises you would like me to demonstrate? Write them below!

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  • Anna says:

    Great video Flavia! I workout at home but I have a pull up bar and I do pull ups often, thanks!

  • Dawn says:

    Do you have an exercise to work lats for those of us who work out at home without machines? Would shoulder presses with dumbbells work using the same idea of pressing up slowly, holding at the top for a second, and then lowering slowly?

    • Flavia says:

      No shoulder press won’t target the lats. A resistance band works well to target the lats, also a lying pull-over with dumbbells or an inverted row would work the lats. I will demonstrate an inverted row on video that can be done at a table in the house in a couple weeks.

      • Flavia says:

        I will also be doing some lat exercises with cables that can be done using cables. Look out for emails on videos in the coming weeks.

  • Jessie says:


    Its really so happy that Iam so addicted to your site which helps me to help my body physique better and sexy.
    Iam so happy about hourly glass figure workout and will start to work out from today.
    Dear, can you help me to increase my boobs also so that I can be attractive.

    Thanks in advance

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Jessie, thanks! Unfortunately breast tissue is not muscle tissue. You can help lift them by targeting your pecs but be aware that you will still lose size on your breasts if you are losing weight. Nothing can be done to naturally increase breast tissue…that I know of!

  • Shelby says:

    Well, I have two questions. First: I exercise in my basement while I put movies on, it makes it so I don’t give up two minutes into the workout because I am not focusing on how I hate this and every second feels longer than it is. So is there a way I could just put up a bar in a doorway and do chin-ups with out the assisted?
    Second: I have a short petite frame but yet I have bulky muscles, which doesn’t really bother me because I think it makes me look strong. Even at 28% body fat my thigh muscles bulge out the layer of fat, so you can kinda see muscle definition. I was wondering how much like you I could look considering my body type?

    • Flavia says:

      Yes, chin-ups are far superior than assissted pull-ups. That’s tough to say without seeing you. I think muscular type people have a huge advantage as they burn more calories. I think if you get down to 18% body fat, you will look amazing and be able to see definition that will make you be in awe. I’m constantly trying to build muscle and your focus should be to lose fat while keeping the muscle you have. Go for lighter weights, and keep your heart rate high!

  • Kelly says:

    Can you demonstrate a Barbell Glute Bridge? I tried it for the first time tonight, and just want to be sure I was doing it properly. Thanks!

  • aylie says:

    Hey Flavia

    I work out from home and have a TRX, what exercise can I do with the TRX that would give me the same result.

    Luv your work!!!


  • Dana says:

    Flavia- I just wanted to let you know that I have been LOVING your workouts! They are challenging, fun, exhausting, and obtaining results…and that’s what counts! I’m telling all my friends about your program. And in my latest blog, which is SO not r/t fitness generally, I have a link to you. Thanks so much…and keep the GREAT stuff coming!!

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