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Plank Twist (Fitness Tip Tuesday)

By January 20, 201510 Comments




core exercises for women

Plank Twist

How To: Balance your feet on a stability ball in a plank postion. Keep your core tight. Bring your knees in and twist as if you are trying to touch your left knee to right elbow. Go back to start position, and repeat on the other side.

Main Muscles: Abdominals, Obliques.

Other Muscles Used: Shoulders, Glutes, Quads

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  • Cindy says:

    Wow! Thank you Flavia for sharing this exercise. I’ll definitely try this one tonight! 🙂

  • angel says:

    I would like to know how can I reduce fat cottege cheese from my lower body?do I have to spend alot time doing hiit workouts of cardio?I do have muscle in my lower body but I also have cellulite on top of it.i incorporate weights and cardio for my upper and lower body.using heavy and light weights.but I still have cellulite.thnx for your time and for replying

  • emily says:

    I think your exercises are for young girls, you are not realistic, they are not for everyone. Do you honestly expect someone who has no experience to get on a ball & do a plank twist? Your stuff is for people who have nothing better to do but do exercises, not for real women!

    • marla says:

      I am sorry that you feel this way. I think that if you are on this site, you already have a desire to exercise and eat well. Even if it is new for you, it isn’t a far stretch to try this in the future after you have worked up to it. It is sad that you feel the need to berate someone who is trying to help others. Please just keep your negative comments to yourself. They don’t help anyone.

      That being said, try this exercise. It isn’t as “hard” as you think.


  • Jean says:

    Hi Marla. I agree with you! People should not bad mouth someone thats helping others. I’ve been following Flavia’s excercises for about two to three years now, and I’m 7 1/2 months pregnant with my 2nd child and I still make time to excercise as I want to stay healthy and fit. Not everyday is a success but I atleast try. As soon as my little one’s born I’ll be back at gym full steam ahead within one month and trust me I will definitely include this super excercise in my new training programme 🙂
    Thanks for all the excellent tips!!!
    You guys are the best! Kepp it up!


  • Nicole says:

    I’m 40 n doing this exercise. I’ve building my strength with Flavias exercises. She’s a true role model for all us women who want to be fit n lean.

  • Alynne says:

    Hello….as a true newbie to strength training, I understand completely Emily’s feelings due to having some insecurities of my own around working some of Flavia’s programs. However, I have read enough material here and watched numerous videos to know that Flavia performs and suggests exercises which push you beyond your comfort zone and give you quicker results. I struggle every day with strength training and I am 40ish. Marla…maybe an alternative exercise can be given alongside the more challenging. I think we should definitely embrace each other’s feelings and look for moments of comfort than condescend. We have all been where Emily is today at some point in our journey.

    Emily ….there are many uses of the stability ball on Pinterest! Be safe in whatever you try. I have tried the exercise above and found that I needed a smaller stability ball to perform it effectively. It is a tough one but attainable.

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