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Workout Wednesday – Beauty Queen Full-body Workout

By February 19, 20143 Comments

fitness workouts for women

Beauty Queen Full-body Workout: 

EZ Bicep Curl With Wall Squat

Arms Behind Head Sit-Up To Stand

Hip Bridge With Leg Lift

Skater Jumps

Calf Raises

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  • Crystal says:

    Hi Flavia,

    I really love all our emails on fitness and diet. I’ve also purchased one of your programs and have learned a lot from you. I believe fitness brings a lot of confidence and positive feelings. As Moms, and you can relate to this now, it is very frustrating and difficult to keep motivated but very easy to be overcome my negative thoughts of our own body image (and get very unmotivated). Although I love everything you do and the positive and encouraging attitude you display, I must say I am disappointed that your daily email links to your website are always flashing multiple shots of your most fit, photo-ready self. I think you should definitely be proud of your achievements before baby, but you should also show your realistic Mom-self to motivate others. When you did your last photo shoot, you explained the process of what you did that day – a very limited diet in preparation, dehydration spray-tanning, hair/make-up. I get that it’s a necessary process for a promotional purpose, but it’s not how you really looked ALL the time. We all know that you were very strict to achieve that look and looked great! But, all photos such as that are enhanced with Photoshop even the slightest bit. Many Moms are now getting their bodies back with you and it would be nice if you shared the journey realistically in photos – in the ‘workout of the day section’. I’m not saying to let “it all hang out” and be unflattering, but not being ‘cut’ like you once were if fine with us! Show us your progress because I’m sure it’s excellent. Don’t tell us to “love our own bodies” yet keep your post-baby body hidden until it’s super lean again. To show yourself daily at an extreme level of fitness/body fat (that many women/moms can never attain and that you cannot maintain for long periods because it is unhealthy) is contrary to your message of being healthy and happy and may even be seen as irresponsible since you are looked at as a role model to women young and old. Show yourself and your journey daily, and you’ll gain even more respect from your followers. I really loved seeing your pregnant self in the exercise videos and posted. It made you seem like one of us and I admired your courage for doing so. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we are all a work in progress!

  • Iulia says:

    Crystal, I couldn’t agree more! We are all so hard on ourselves, that’s the big issue really! But it is so true that being at such a low body fat percentage as a female may be both unhealthy and very difficult to maintain. Well said Crystal 🙂

  • Christina says:

    HI Flavia,
    I am just wondering is there an alternating way for beginners to do the sit-up to stand? I notice even with momentum I am having a hard time not using one of my arms to get myself up of the ground. Thanks!

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