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Food Friday – Why You NEED To Take Probiotics

By October 18, 2013April 16th, 20145 Comments


Why You NEED Probiotics to LOSE WEIGHT:

What does this have with losing weight…well, everything!
You see, if you are eating all the right foods and taking all the
right supplements, but your aren’t digesting or absorbing any
of the nutrients, you will NEVER LOSE WEIGHT!


Your first move is to FIX YOUR GUT! Go out right now and
get a probiotic. Because of all the antibiotics we are
exposed to in our foods and as kids, our normal flora or
good bacteria, is non-existent. Probiotics actually HEAL
the gut!

Make sure that you look for the ingredient Lactobacillius
.super important!

Here is where I shop for my probiotics: BioTurst Probiotics probitocs

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  • Susan Barta says:

    Dear Flavia.That is funny you talk about this because I just dicovered a young and very entertaining natoropath doctor on youtube,who actually put up all his lectures!!!The things I learnt from him is amazing and shocking!!!He has one,my favorite-The problems with grain dairy and soy.He also speaks nonstop about the sugar and its effects.he has great sense of humor.Check him out,his channelis SpiritofHealthKC.You will love his lectures!!!!

  • Dana says:

    Is this something that you took while you were pregnant as well? Obviously I will consult with my MD to make sure its safe, just wanted to see what you did. Thanks!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Dana,
      Yes, Flavia took probiotics during her pregnancy and recommends them in her pregnancy program. 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Claire says:

    I want to get some probiotics but I was wondering, if you can’t absorb other supplements, how can you be sure you’re absorbing the probiotics and digestive enzymes and not just wasting money on them too? Wouldn’t it be exactly the same problem, or are they absorbed in a different way?

  • Eating right is particularly important for pregnant women. Your baby needs healthy food, not sugar and fat.

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