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  • Anna says:

    Flavia, you look MAGNIFICENT!!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! I can tell you have worked incredibly hard and put on more muscle since your last photo shoot. I think you could be a competitive fitness model!

  • vivienne says:

    cute as a button

  • Susan says:

    You’ve outdone yourself! You look so fit and super fine. Well done. 🙂

  • Marie Negron says:

    Wow Flavia!!!!! You look great!!! Even better than the last Photoshoot, and even then you looked on top shape. You must be really proud of yourself, I admire your hard work and discipline, you definitely inspire me to reach my goals. Thank you for giving us the correct tools to reach our goals. Once again you look great!!!!

  • Les says:

    You look great Flavia! thumbs up!

  • Lucy Brown says:

    You look awesome Flavia! Makes all that hard work worthwhile. I bought your Full-Body-Licious workouts a while back and really love them. I can already see the results. Also love all the videos you’ve been posting on your progress. You’re very inspirational! Thanks!

  • Anne-Marie says:

    Flavia, you work incredibly hard to get that gorgeous bod and it truly shows. I hope you’re proud of yourself 🙂
    Beautiful, just beautiful!

  • Rosa Maria Barboza says:

    Two thumbs up! You are super sexy! All your training is really worth! Congratulations!!!

  • Cindy Baltazar says:

    Well I have to say that “Hard Work” really does pay off! Great job Flavia! Thanks for all the helpful video’s you show! Now if I could only get the time to get started…work and school makes it hard. But I will get there…Determination! =)

  • Freda Gibson says:

    HI Flavia
    you have worked so hard, and achieved Maximum results, well done Flavia and Thankyou for your Inspiration, it is most Refreshing like a Bubbling spring.

  • Manu says:

    WOW!!!! Awesome!
    Thanks a lot for sharing all this on your website, so we can see your photos here in Italy too!
    Great job!
    Love, Manu

  • Lisa says:

    Hey Flav, when I know you said you do like 3 HIIT days a week. Do you do any steady state cardio and if so how much and for how long? Also do you split up the cardio and weight training? And if so, is your cardio done fasted in the morning?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Lisa, I do 1 long cardio days, usually a run or walk on the treadmill when the weather stinks. I do split it up. I do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach (something I had to work my way to cause I didn’t feel good doing that at first)

  • Rebeca says:

    Hi Flavia! I recently found your website and I love it, it makes a lot of sense for me. I wanted to ask you about your diet, I train six days a week and still don;t get the results I want, I am at 23 percent body fat and I have been wanting to lower it for years, with little results. I really put effort into my diet and training, but still Im not where I want to be.
    Thanks and congratulations, really my friend you look absolutely amazing.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Rebecca, I would start by looking at when you eat your carbs and fats. Start and end your day with protein and fats and eat carbs only after your workout or your second meal and after your workout and that should give you a head start!

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