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Women Fitness Training For Sculpted Shoulders


Here is the second circuit of the Beautiful Back workout <– See first circuit here.


Beautiful Back  and Shoulder Workout Circuit #2


Exercise 1: Seated Row with Rope  3 x 12 with burnout set following your last set

Exercise 2: Leaning Side Lateral Raise 3 x 15-20

Exercise 3: Incline Prone Front Raise  3 x 10

Exercise 4: Incline Front Raise 3 x 10


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  • Brenda says:

    Love all the workouts, and new ways to hit different body parts. So important to stretch your muscles through out your workout. Glad to see you touched on this.

    Thank You!

  • adrianna says:

    Great workouts! Are you doing all circuits in one workout? So far you’ve showed us two videos are these done in a day?

  • Flav,

    This is my first post to you, but I want to say that you are an awesome inspiration. I’ve taken some time off from the serious lifting and have recently starting to crank it back up again. Thanks to you and your videos, I’ve new, added, inspiration in my workouts. Some of my routines, admittedly were a little stale. I’ve incorporated some of your workouts into my existing training and am seeing notable improvements in muscle definition. You’re husband and trainer are a great support system and very motivational.
    You are so awesome! Keep up the great, HARD work! I’m a fan forever.


  • Anna says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this video Flavia! Your back, shoulders and arms look awesome!! I’m now motivated to go do my shoulder workout 🙂 I really liked that you showed us the stretching part as well, thanks. A Bicep, Tricep workout would be cool to watch…

  • Celeste says:

    You are looking fantastic!! I am excited to see your photos, and keep up the great work with the rest of your weeks till your goal 🙂 it keeps me motivated to keep me going

  • karen speir says:

    Love these moves and your upper body is looking absolutely fabulous. Can’t wait to add these to my arsenal!

  • Jennifer says:

    How often will you do these circuits over the last few weeks in preparation for your Photoshoot.
    Once a week? For the last few weeks? or Once every 2 weeks?

    Also, I do your Full-Body-Licious workout at the gym but have a hard time cause I feel I have too much of a break in between one exercise and the next because of where the machines/weights are in the gym and having to wipe them down. Can I just repeat the set for the 3 times at one time with a break in between each set?

    You look better than your last photo shoot – so keep up the great work!

    • Flavia says:

      I do 5 workouts with weights a week and for the last 3 weeks I will be adding 5 days of cardio as well – this is ONLY because I am lean trying to get leaner (which is the most difficult time to lose weight) and after the shoot, I wont be doing that much cardio. I do 3 times a week to maintain.

      • Channii says:

        Hi Flav,

        By cardio I assume you mean mostly HIIT, so up hill sprints and power walks/jogs would be sufficient? Would a 30 min session of jogging/power walking with 30 sec sprints, weighted, be good enough?

  • Victoria says:

    Hi Flav,

    I’ve been enjoying your videos and have incorporated some of your moves into my work outs. Your arms and lats look terrific, sculpted and feminine.
    I read that you lift 5x a week.
    I am 5 8, 106lbs, 12.9 percent body fat, I eat 2300 calories per day
    I’ve been working out for about 9 months to get lean and build muscle. When I started I was 118lbs 16.7 body fat
    I do P90X but weights at the gym , heavy 7-10reps
    weights 3x, yoga 1x,cardio 1x, plyometrics, 1x, stretch1x
    Any advice on how I can build more muscle? I’m not sure if I need to eat more or lift more often?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Flavia says:

      Great job! To build muscle you have to increase your calories. I would start by doubling your post-workout carbs and measure yourself from week to week.After a week if it is working, keep it going. If you are adding too much fat, drop it to a third. If you aren’t gaining, add some more carbs with your other carb meal of the day 🙂 Eating 5-6 meals a day is the best practice.

  • Kerry says:

    Thanks Flavia for all the workouts! After your photo shoot, you should stop worrying so much about the body and start having babies:) I think you should try for atleast half the number your mom has!

  • Bea says:

    Flavia, a question regarding the leaning side lateral raises. I do these laying sideways on an incline bench, but always with my arm bent forward at 90degrees. I find this a lot harder than with a straight arm, but would like to know which is better at targeting the shoulders?

    Thanks for your ongoing great videos – it’s inspiring to see that you always manage to smile through those rigorous routines!

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Bea, it depends what area you are targeting. The 90 degree angle does not get much of the medial delt. I would do both, switch between the two.

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