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fast fat loss diet plans

fast fat loss diet plans

Here is one of my favorite cookbooks, by none other than Dave Ruel and Karine Losier. This couple knows how to fire your taste buds while saving your waist line.

I have said it before,

It’s easy to cook unhealthy food, it’s even easy to cook healthy food. What’s hard is to cook healthy food that tastes great”.

That’s why I love Metabolic Cooking. This cookbook comes with 250 recipes, salad dressings, seasonings and much much more. Download your 10 FREE fat-torching recipes below.


I love spending time with these two. Not only do I get to sit back and let someone else cook for me (lol) I also  learn about so many ingredients that help burn fat that I never even thought would make a difference.

Get Your 10 FREE Fat Burning Recipes Here!

Let me know what your favorite is below. Get cooking!!

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