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Watch Ryan Watson take me through a killer upper body workout. You can see how hard I am pushing here. This is what it looks like to work in the gym.

Enter into every workout with the intension to GSD!
You should leave your workout feeling like you couldn’t have pushed yourself any harder.

Ryan uses a technique known as a giant set at the end of a workout to really fatigue every muscle, keeping
the heart rate elevated to really tap into fat storage to reveal the muscles underneath.


Weighted Lunges
Incline Dumbbell Press
Incline Dumbbell Flys
Incline Dumbbell Curls
TRX Tricep Extensions
Dumbbell Kickbacks
Weighted Lunges

Let me know what you think below and ask any questions you may have!

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  • Erika says:

    Awesome video! Great to see the trainer in training. Love all of your stuff. I am getting back into shape and it feels great! Thank you for your site and motivation.

  • Janice Willis says:

    Awesome workout — you have a great trainer! Thanks for sharing.

  • denise leigh says:

    Looks fun. My gym does not have stairs. Would ‘standard’ weighted lunges do instead?

  • Italia says:

    I’m off to the gym to try some of these. At 57 years of age, I’m looking forward to trying these. I may bypass the stairs though. Bad knees. This is a great video Flavia. Very helpful and inspirational. Thank you for sending this. I love seeing you in action.

  • Heather says:

    Do you do any type of cardio workout after this workout?

  • Anna says:

    Thanks Flavia looks like a great workout! I work out from home, could I use a stability ball instead of the bench? You look amazing! I would love for my arms to be that big and defined. They’re getting there though, they look way better than they used to, and I guess it just takes time.

  • Anna Smith says:

    I tried to post this comment earlier, but I don’t think it worked, so sorry if I’m posting it twice. You look amazing Flavia! I would love for my arms to be that big and defined one day. I workout at home, could I do this on a stability ball instead of the bench?

  • Clea says:

    Thanks for the great VT – just wonderingvwhat could you use instead of the sand bag when going up the stairs for homeworkouts?


  • Shellee says:

    Love the video, It’s great because I needed some new material for my workouts. However, do you do this WO straight through, or do you do sets of reps. I am curious about how many of each exercise to do and how many circuits.Thanks

  • lisa says:

    awesome workout….did this the other day and i could feel the muscles the next day….LOVE IT. But how should i incorporate this into the other workouts I do of yours? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Inspiring workout – you look great!

  • Susan Sadler says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Love your workouts / tips! I was wondering what angle of incline you were using on the bench (looks like greater than 45 ° from the floor)? I often do incline chest flys and presses but use a much shallower angle (probably about 30 °). I assume a higher angle will hit my upper chest better? I could use some help here to build a bit of fullness with muscle as I’ve nursed two babies (for a long time) and have become quite lean through eating well / exercise (unfortunately, my chest is disappearing as a result too!)

    Thanks 🙂

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Susan, I think it’s around 60 degrees, between 45 and 60 should be good, just make sure to be putting the intension on the chest. What you are doing with a higher angle is shifting the emphasis to the upper chest. Unfortunately building biggers pecs wont help increase breast size in the way we women would like.

  • Sravanthi Reddy says:

    This video is a motivation. Everybody wants those muscles but most of them quit in between, I am doing HIIT upper body workout at home , can I also do these exercises?

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