Get-Juiced Recipes


Get Juiced is the MISSING LINK to lean muscle gains and flattening your belly permanently by delivering 101 simple to make, delicious juicing recipes that require minimal time and provide maximal results!

After years of experimentation on friends, family and even hundreds of clients, not only will you drink the best tasting juices that made the “cut”, but you will love knowing what they are doing for your body and overall health.

Every single one of these recipes has the specific combinations and the precise ingredients so you can handpick the recipes that meet your specific needs and “target” your personal goals. Transform your body at will — in only 5 minutes a day!

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.


Just a FEW of the many recipes you’ll taste in our Get Juiced Recipe Guide include…

  • The Bone-Builder
  • The Lean-Green Fat Burning Machine
  • The Muscle-Cramp Stopper
  • The Blood-Flow Booster
  • The Sex-Fueler
  • The Age-Eraser 
  • The Liver Cleaner
  • The Blood Pressure Optimizer
  • The Muscle-Soreness Reliever
  • The Instant-Energy Shot
  • The Hangover Fix 
  • The Alkaline Enhancer 
  • The Inflammation Killer
  • The Cold & Flu Preventer 
  • The Cancer Fighter
  • The Memory Activator 
  • The Immune System Strengthener 
  • Superman’s X-Ray Vision Juice
  • The Anti-Ulcer Probiotic Juice 
  • And So Much More!

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