Cook Like A Pro (Cooking Lessons)


Your Situation May Be Different But As A Mom And Wife I Feel Pressure To Know How To Make Good, Tasty And Healthy Meals For My Family


  • But I always struggled in the kitchen.
  • Meals took too long to make.
  • It was hard to juggle all the ingredients, cooking times and recipes to make meals my family would love.
  • It was a lot of work! And I just didn’t have the skills or the time to feel good about my cooking.

I knew from talking to my clients that many other women would benefit from knowing how to cook great meals that would let them lose weight and spend less time in the kitchen. So I hired a professional Chef to teach me and my husband how to cook the right way.

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.

With These 20 Follow-Along Cooking Video Lessons, We SHOW & EXPLAIN EVERY STEP To MASTER The Art Of Cooking And Make Every Single Recipe Taste Great EVERY TIME!

I invested $11,000 with Chef Amy making these videos.

And it was worth every penny!

Even if you’re only cooking for one – there are secrets professional chef’s know about making food that make life SO much easier

To be honest, I Thought working with a chef would be intimidating and we’d be making fancy complicated meals. Nothing could be further from the truth!

I Was Shocked At How Easy And Simple It Is To Make Great Meals Fast When You Know What To Do.

On these videos we show you how to make 27 new, allergy friendly, delicious recipes.

These are professional “Follow Along” videos.

So you just put your laptop or ipad or phone on the counter and…follow along!

What surprised me is how relaxing and fun it is to have someone else making all the decisions for you.

All the meals we make in these cooking videos are DELICIOUS…will fill you up, reboot and restore your fat-burning metabolism and are made from simple, affordable ingredients.

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