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12 Flab-Fighting Bodyweight Bella Workouts. This is a series of 16-minute butt-kicking bodyweight workouts for when you can’t make it to the gym and need a fast fix style workout.

Perfect for when you travel and arrive to a hotel or resort with a “poor-excuse” for a gym and need to improvise your workouts to burn off any extra calories that occur when you’re traveling or on vacation.

Please note that all files are digitally downloaded. No physical product will be shipped to your house.

All 12 workouts are dedicated to helping you perfect your posture with fun at-home workouts & no equipment needed.

Only got 10 minutes? Learn my “metabolic-chains” to save you time & burn fat.

Learn how to burn 700 calories before you eat breakfast copying my “metabolic-chains” training technique.

Slim and strengthen your entire body with “no stop-and-go” circuits.

The best bodyweight moves to sculpt sexy arms and shapely shoulders.

Five fast and easy lower body moves you must include to lose your thigh fat and get lean and long legs.

Workouts that kill 300-500 calories before you even eat breakfast!

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