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  • Angela says:

    Thanks Flavia! Another great addition to my leg day lol. I hope it’s ok if I ask you this here but I’m not sure who else to ask. I don’t know you personally but with everything that I’ve read and all of your videos and articles, I trust your advice. I use a lot of your techniques especially for legs and shoulders and I feel like I’m doing pretty well. ( I’m having my measurements taken again on Saturday.) My problem is that I am toning pretty well and I’ve definitely lost inches. I’m happy with the lines and definition that I have but I feel like my cellulite has gotten worse. Actually, I barely had any and I feel like it’s gotten worse even though I workout 5-6 days (cardio, fusion-style, weight training, etc) eat clean with a cheat meal once a week, and take my supps (protein, multi, vitamin c, flaxseed oil, shark cartilidge, fat-burner, and intra-workout). Do you think that it will get better as I continue to eat clean and work legs intensely or is there something specific that I should be doing??

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Angela, from what you are saying it seems that because you are losing weight the cellulite will look worse because the skin in that area loses elasticity and when you lose fat the tissue in that area stays the same. What you can do is work on glute exercises to tighten that area. Focusing on your glutes will REALLY make a difference. Did you happen to try Sue’s Female Fat Free Solution? It is geared to help lesson cellulite, or tighten that area.

      Otherwise you can watch all the videos from Ryan and I from my photoshoot prep. I did A LOT of glute work in those workouts.

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