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I had a major pig out week this week in preparation for a new 4 week fat loss program. Seems like this is the best way for me right now:

set a goal.  complete it.  cheat.  set a new goal. 

So my new goal is to lose another 2 pounds to take me down to 115 pounds while keeping all my muscle mass. I have 4 weeks to complete so that is going to be a half pound each week; not bad!

I love the workout split I have right now but I don’t want to do more than 3 days of cardio for now. Since I do killer workouts on Mondays and Fridays, I won’t be doing any cardio those days. 

I am going to do morning cardio Tues, Wed & Thursdays because that’s what works for me right now.

Saturdays I try to have a quick workout so Vince and I can be with the kiddos. Sunday’s are off – family and church day.

Training Split:

Monday – Glutes, Hams & Calves
Tuesday – Back & Chest with morning HIIT
Wednesday – Morning HIIT with evening Yoga
Thursday – Shoulders & Abs with morning long cardio
Friday – Quads, Glutes & Calves 
Saturday – Bi’s, Tri’s & Abs
Sunday — OFF 


I am going to keep carbs high at least for two weeks.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday:

Meal 1: Fats and Protein
Meal 2: Carbs and Protein
Meal 3: Protein (pre-workout) — may not even have this meal
Meal 4: Carbs and Protein
Meal 5: Fats and Protein

Wednesdays and Sunday (no carbs others than vegetables)

Meal 1-4: Fats and Protein

NOTE: Vegetables with each meal. Protein I will measure to be 4oz. Fats on training days will be around 14g with 2 meals and Crabs will be 2 cups on training days. Non-training days, fats jump up to 14g X 4 meals.

If I feel depleted I will increase my fats. If I am gaining weight I will take carbs down to 1.5 cups.

After two weeks, I will assess the situation and create a new plan of attack which I will share with you 🙂


Day 1: Hams, Glutes & Calves

ExerciseTempoRepsSetsRest (sec)
A1Barbell Squat32108560
B1Powersquat Deadlift22118560
C1Lying Leg Curl301210415
C2Weighted Banded Bridges201210460
D1Leg Press (feet high and wide)311010415
D245* Hip Extension201410460
E1HEAVY Standing Calf Raise toes pointed in101112310
E2Seated Calf Raise toes pointed in10167-9375

Day 2: Chest & Back & HIIT

ExerciseTempoRepsSetsRest (sec)
A1Assisted Chin Up311110560
B1Standing Straight Arm Lat Pulldown To thighs (use a rope or bar on pulley)311210460
C1Supinated Bent Over Barbell Row311210415
D1Barbell Flat Bench Press311110560
E1Incline Press Machine311210460
F1Decline DB Bench Press321110460

Day 3: Shoulders, Abs & Cardio

ExerciseTempoRepsSetsRest (sec)
A1Cable Lateral Raise311110460
B1DB Lateral Raise311110410
B2DB Front Raise311110460
C1DB Shoulder Press211110410
C2DB "L" Lateral Raise211110460
E1High Cable Rear Delt311110460
F1Reverse Crunch on the bench10410
F2Hanging Leg Raise10410

Day 4: Quads, Glutes & Calves

ExerciseTempoRepsSetsRest (sec)
A1Power Squat40105460
B1Leg Press (Feet Narrow & Low)311010515
B2Banded Bridge201410560
C1Leg Extensions20118415
C2Step Up311110460
C3Walking Lunge111110460
D1Standing Calf Raise - toes pointed in20118330
D2Seated Calf Raise - toes pointed in101115330

Day 5: Biceps, Triceps, Abs & HIIT

ExerciseTempoRepsSetsRest (sec)
A1DB Seated Biceps Curl211210415
A2Triceps Skull Crusher311110460
B1Standing Biceps Low Cable Curl321210460
B2Staying Bent Over DB Triceps Extension211210460
C1Standing DB Hammer Curl211110415
C2Standing DB Triceps Kickbacks311210460
D1Seated Russian Twist with plate*no tempo10310
E1Seated Russian Twist with Plate10410
E2Stability Ball Roll Out10460

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  • Karen says:

    How heavy are you going with your weights? Thanks.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Karen,
      Flavia recommends going pretty heavy. Pick a weight that is very challenging for you and you can barely finish the last couple reps, while still maintaining good form of course. Always push yourself and if you feel you can go heavier next time then definitley do! 🙂
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Lucie A.S says:

    Flavia you look a-m-a-zing! Thank you for sharing all the info and your workouts.
    Keep it up!

  • Gaby says:

    Flavia you look gorgeous!! I definitely need to follow your advice step by step!! I am waiting anxiously for your next fitness program! I love your previous three…
    For this plan, I need to ask you a question. For day 1 you super set exercise C1 and C2, C1 has 5 sets and C 2 has 10 sets. I think it is something you do some how since I have seen it before but thought it was a typo. Do you do: 4 banded bridges/10 lying leg curls/4 banded bridges, and that counts as one?


  • Rebecca says:

    Great plan Flav, you’ve got this!!

    • Flavia says:

      Thank you!! I fixed everything above. Just a typo. Thanks for finding it. VIDEOS TO COME SOON! Already filmed

  • Brittney says:

    Curious if you are still breastfeeding while following that meal plan? If not what do you recommend? I am mostly paleo and notice a huge difference in my milk supply when I try to cut back on carbs to lose baby weight.

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Brittney, I’m done breastfeeding – when I was breastfeeding water was the #1 thing that kept my supply up and I did add a lot more carbs as well.

  • Tonja says:

    So for the abs part of the Day 5 workout we do Seated Russian Twists separately for 3 sets and then superset them again with stability ball rollouts?

    P.S. Thanks soooo much for all the free content you post, it really is a blessing!

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