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Are you ready for week 5?

I am seeing my body REALLY change this week – yeah!

How are things going on your end? Let me know below and let me know if you have any questions for me.

I’ve changed some of the exercises so be on the lookout for those. As mentioned precviously, if you are only working out 4 days a week, simply skip the shoulder workout and add in the exercises I suggest in another day.

CARDIO: We also want to add in 2 cardio days, both HIIT and at least 20 minutes, no longer than 30 minutes. You can add them at the end of a workout, another time of the day, or on your days off of training.

NUTRITION: you will be getting my meal prep blog post this week where I show you how I do batch cooking to keep my nutrition dialed in for the week.

TIP: on your off days (non-weight training days) drop the starchy carbs and up your fat intake. I always have 3-5oz of protein with all 4 meals, 1-2 cups of vegetable and add in fats from nuts, avocado, steak and salmon.


Day 1: Hams And Glutes
A1Barbell Squat32108560
B1Romanian Deadlift22118560
C1Lying Leg Curl
2 sets: normal
3 sets: 1/4 rep + full rep
D1Leg Press (feet high and wide)31108415
D245* Hip Ext201410415
Day 2: Back
A1Rope Straight Arm Lat Pull Over311110560
B1Overhead Lat Pull Down Machine w/ Underhand grip311210560
C1Seated Row Overhead Neutral Grip311210515
D1Rear Delt Rope Face Pull211212415
D2Standing Bent over Rear Delt with Plates311210415
D3Reverse Machine Pec Dec311210475
Day 3: Shoulders
Note: you can drop this day if you only have 4 days to workout. Add DB Lateral Raise + Shoulder Press to Day 2 or 5 - add abs on your cardio day
A1Cable Lateral Raise311110660
B1DB Lateral Raise311110660
C1DB Shoulder Press211110515
C2Lying Cable Upright Row (using row machine)321110560
D1DB "L" Lateral Raise 211110560
D2Front Raise with Plank321110560
E1Plank30 seconds415
E2Supine Leg Lift10460
*Optional HIIT 20 min845
*Off Day
Day 4: Quads and Glutes
A1Bulgarian Split Squats 32108560
B1Leg Press (feet narrow and low)311010515
B2Banded Bridge201410560
C1 Leg Extensions201112515
C2Step Up311112560
D1Hack Squat40106460
Day 5: Upper Body
A1DB Chest Flies Flat Bench311110430
B1Cable Chest Press311210445
C1Barbell Flat Bench Press321110445
D1Seated Biceps DB Curl211210420
D2Preacher Curl211210420
D3Standing DB Hammer Curl211110460
E1Cross Cable Pressdown211110420
E2Lying DB Triceps Extension 211110420
E3Overhead Rose Triceps Extension 211210460
F1Optional Cardio - 20 minutes HIIT
*Off Day

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  • Jackie says:

    Hi Flavia,
    Thanks for the great workouts!
    I’m not really sure if I’m doing a good enough workout for cardio HIIT. What would you suggest? I don’t have access to a gym or any cardio equipment. Just bodyweight and a skip rope.
    Looking forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Jackie,
      You can get in a fantastic HIIT workout a jumprope and bodyweight! I would jump rope as intense as possible for 1 min then do bodyweight squats, skipping, light jog in place, anything that keeps you moving but allows you a bit of recovery time from your jump rope. You could also switch it up and do intense jump squats/jump lunges with a light jump rope as recovery time. Really any 2 exercises you choose, just go super hard for 1 min then lighter intensity for 1 min but you should still be breathing heavy throughout.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Jennifer Lambert says:

    Do you have videos, pictures or explanations of any of these?

    • Anna says:

      Not currently, Flavia will be filming them soon. Until then you can search the exercise on the blog or youtube. If you have a specific question let me know and I can help you out as well. 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Loretta says:

    Flavia is it harder for wemon when they get older to build muscle and loose fat ? Iam 56 and my harmones are fine. I can see my muscle growing but fat is there ? Also is it ok two have 2 protein shakes and a meal and snack. Help !

    • Anna says:

      Hi Loretta,
      As long as you’re dedicated and put in the effort you will see results! Make sure you are eating a sufficient amount of calories throughout the day. Flavia prefers more whole foods but if you are limited on time and 2 shakes a day is what works best for you then that is totally fine.
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Thanks for all the awesome workouts! I have every one of your programs 🙂

    My baby is almost 3 months and breastfeeding. I’m constantly STARVING. I was quickly back to my pre pregnancy weight but am looking to lose an extra 5 pounds. I’m doing your workouts but am at a stand still for weight. Is there anything different I can be doing to control my appetite? I know I am eating over my body weight times 14. I do eat very healthy but maybe too much.

    Thanks for the help!


  • Mayra says:

    Is it healthy to eat a banana for breakfast?

  • Thanks for sharing such a good routine with us! HIIT workout is really effective, burning. I also try to follow this and going to share with my friends too.

  • Great information..AS fitness lover I would always love to read these type of blogs..High intensity exercise is a more efficient way of burning fat at the time of doing it, and here’s the kicker: this type of exercise also burns a huge amount of calories afterwards.So, Once must do this on regular fitness routine like me 🙂

  • Loretta says:

    Dear, on all the excise I noticed u never talked about how much weights to use ? Help please. I had to take last week off, my mother in law passed away. Iam trying to get back on track. Thanks

    • Anna says:

      Hi Loretta,
      I’m terribly sorry for your loss. Weight depends all on your fitness level, just pick a weight where you can complete the prescribed number of reps, with the last 2 – 3 being very difficult. Each week push yourself and try to increase your weights slightly, while keeping good form.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Anastasia says:

    hi flavia, please explain to me how i make reverse power squat with dumbbells? thank you

    • Anna says:

      Hi Anastasia,
      You could do a wide stance, sumo squat, holding the dumbbell like a goblet squat. This won’t mimic the exact angle but it will work similar muscles and is a great at home substitution.
      All the best,
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Evie Dawson says:

    In our busy life we don’t have time to go gym. So if we can’t go to the gym, then we need to do some workout at home. In now days it is important to stay fit and active.

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