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How was last week’s workout? If you aren’t just starting out, I will get to you ladies in a few weeks as I up my intensity.
If you’re just joining us, click here to go to Week 01.
If you are following along with me, how was week one?
For me, it was a challenge but I was in the BEST mood after each workout. I forgot all about those amazing endorphins YAY!
This week we are going to add a third workout and take up the intensity up just a little. Grab a little heavier weight for each exercise, water and an iPod.
Here is my second week progress pictures:


Down 2 pounds but you can really see a difference already 🙂



Workout #1

Barbell Squat – 6

Step-Up with Lateral Kick – 10/leg

Stability Ball Lying Hamstring Curl – (failure)

Push-Up (failure)

Dumbbell Biceps Curl – 10

Triceps Pressdown -10

Leg Raise (abs) – failure

REST 2 minutes

Repeat for a total of 2 sets

Workout #2

Stair climbing (outdoors) – 5 flights of 150 stairs with each flight taking 4 minutes to complete.

* Do last weeks workout 5 minutes faster

Workout #3

Bodyweight Squat – 15

Laying Hamstring Curl – 12

Leg Extension – 12

Chest Fly (machine) – 15

Rear Delt Fly (machine) – 12

Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 15 (5 pound DB)

Standing Calf Raise – 20 (bodyweight)

Incline Leg Raise – failure

Rest 2 Minutes

Repeat for a total of 2 sets



Next week here we come….

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  • Pheba says:

    Hi Flavia, I have a question. Are you doing the all the workouts everyday or are you alternating each workout per day? Thanks. Pheba

    • Anna says:

      Hi Pheba,
      Alternating each workout per day 🙂 These are the workouts she has done in one week. Since she is working her way back into it she only works out 3 days per week right now. You can choose which days work best for you to do the workouts. 🙂
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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