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A1. Bodyweight lunge – 15/leg
A2. Hip Raise – 25
A3. Plank – 30 seconds
A4. Bodyweight squat -25

The Workout:

B1. Barbell Squat — 3sets — 15 reps
B2. Pushup — 3 sets — 12 reps

Rest 1 minute

C1. Dumbbell Split Squat — 4 sets — 12/leg

Rest 1 minute

D1. Dumbbell Stepup — 2 sets — 15/leg
D2. Chinup — 2 sets — failure

Rest 1 minute

E1. Stability Ball Hip Raise + Leg Curl — 3 sets — 25/each
E2. Stability Ball Jackknife — 3 sets — 10/side

* Complete the number of sets before moving onto the next circuit. Example: do all 3 sets of B1 & B2 back-to-back with one minute rest between each set before moving onto C1*

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  • Bennette McKnight says:

    Hi, Flavia: I initially signed up on your husband’s website. Most think I am a man because of my name. After receiving many of his emails, I informed him that I was a female and he referred me to you. I am a thin woman who has always been seeking to ADD weight and curves and interested in using weights. As I am getting older, I am adding the weight but unfortunately, guess where . . . around the middle. Which one of your programs do you suggest for me? Thank you! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Bennette,
      Thank you! 🙂 I think Flavia’s Curvalicious program would be perfect for you! It is specifically designed to help women add curves in all the right places, along with shedding fat with the fast pace, circuit style training. :)Check it out here:
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Evie Dawson says:

    Such an informative post. I never do such kind of workout, but after reading this I definitely try this work out. Thanks for sharing this information 🙂

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