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Shoulder Press with Calf Raise

By April 28, 2015One Comment

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Shoulder Press with Calf Raise

How To: Stand with feet slightly less than shoulder width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand with arms straight up over your head. Lower the dumbbells down, bending at the elbow out towards to walls to the left and right of you. Focus on pulling your shoulders down and back. Push dumbbells back up to start position. Lift yourself up onto your toes, pause and slowly lower back down. Repeat from beginning.

Main Muscles: Deltoids, Trapezius, Triceps & Calves.


Reversing A Slouch & Taking Better Care of Your Shoulders

Stretch: The number one thing you want to do either in the morning or in the even before you go to bed to help reverse the slouch and/ or keep a great posture. Keep an eye on the way you sit when at your computer or table. If you work at a desk, stretch every hour or so. This prevents you from getting stiff and helps to reverse any slouching habits you may be picking up.

Stretches for Shoulders: Spinal Stretch, Shoulder & Bicep Stretch, Front Shoulder Stretch


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  • Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing this how-to of a shoulder press. Your shoulders are an important part of your body so it is important to keep them strong.

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