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Kettlebell V-Up Crunch (Fitness Tip Tuesday)

By February 17, 20152 Comments

kettlebell ab exercises

Kettlebell V-Up Crunch

How To: Lie on your back. Hold KB with both hands hovering right above your abs. Sit up bringing your knees in toward your chest. Lower back down. Keep your legs and shoulders slightly hovering off the floor throughout movement.

Main Muscles: Abdominals, Obliques & Quads.

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  • Dana says:

    I’ve never used a kettle bell before but notice it being used quite a bit in your workout tips. What weight is a good average weight to use for most of your exercises for women? I’m 5’8″ and not in great shape, not too strong (about 30lbs overweight) – if that makes any difference.


    • Mandy says:

      Hi Dana
      I am same height and while I used to have good strength I have lost a lot of it. I’m doing kettlebell ab workouts with a mix of 4kg Dumbbells and 6 kg kettlebell. When it comes to standing workouts I’m using an 8 & 10kg bell, and working up to using a 16.. I just do fewer reps with the 10 and 16. If I were starting out I’d buy a few around the 6-8 range and then just workout with them while I can, and when you get strong enough then go for something bigger. Good luck! Mandy

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