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How Not To Over Eat & Have The Most Effective Workouts (Article)

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4 Tips To Teach You

How Not To Over Eat & Have The Most Effective Workouts


Technology is advancing so fast in today’s world. We have a lot of options at our fingertips. We have a lot of distractions, a lot of false knowledge, and a lot of unhealthy habits that get in our way. I hear people saying they are too busy to cook, not knowing what to cook or how much to eat in one sitting. I also hear a lot of people saying they spend time in the gym but see no results. The question I want to ask is: who are you going to for advice? What do you have in your home to help you reach your goals?


There are a few things that I use everyday that help me achieve my goals. Like I said, technology is advancing fast, so you have to keep up. Everyday people are working on the latest and greatest thing that will help you. Some of them are just a hoax, but pay attention because some things actually can make your life easier and help you along your healthy living journey. Here is what I am talking about:


Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.21.56 AME-Book:

This is the new thing. Hardcopy books are being printed less and less. It is easier for someone to store a tablet or IPad than to have 10 cookbooks stacked on a shelf looking cluttered and ugly. You can even store them on your computer. Start looking for healthy options online because not only are they easy to find, they are cheaper and clutter free. Check out my book as an example: Flavilicous Cooking


Measuring Scale:iStock_000016404685Small

I know this sounds a little tedious, but I measure my food. I do this because I do not want to overeat. I want to get the right amounts of food in me that I need and that will help me get the body I desire. It’s not hard. You can purchase a small scale pretty much anywhere for your kitchen. And it is easy to store.


Smart Phone:

If you are sitting in a café or public place, look around you and see how many people are on their phones. There are probably 60-70% of people, at least. It is crazy how much we use them. I use mine ALL day for EVERYTHING. The great thing is, we can make them useful. We have them already so why not make more use out of them by storing and planning our meals and workouts? I open up an app or document on my phone and schedule in what workouts I plan on doing and when, then at the time of my workouts I have them on hand. As if I am going to remember the 5 or 6 exercises for that particular day, every time I workout. I have way too much to be thinking about to remember the exact workouts that I plan on doing at the gym. Plus, you can play your music on it while you workout!


Watch/ Stop Watch:

I time each exercise because I want to make sure my workouts are the most effective they can possibly be. I see people at the gym who really don’t know what they are doing and walking from one place to another, then they say they have been working out for 2 hours. Why? That sounds like a waste of time and like you are leaving will little to no results. Of course, you need to the right workouts and know how to do them properly, which is why I created my fitness programs. In those programs and any program you may be following, you will see that there is always a number of reps or seconds/ minutes that is listed beside each exercise. Use your watch to follow your workouts second by second. It helps you to stay focused, get the workout done and leave in good time. You have other things that you need to do, so don’t waste time.


There will be a lot more apps and other types of technology always advancing. I will probably add some things to my daily regime but at the moment, these things work the best. Find a routine that works best for you and stick with it. And if you are looking for more tips you can always come back to my blog to find out more!


Flavia Del Monte,

aka “Flavilicious” RN, CPT, PN Certified

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