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One Arm Kettlebell Step-Up

How To: Hold kettlebell in right hand. Keep your arm straight and down at your side. Step up onto the platform with left leg. Press into your heels to lift your weight up, bringing the other foot beside the other. Return to beginning and repeat with other hand and leg. Keep your torso upright, no leaning forward. This will put the emphasis on the quads as you step up.

Muscles Used: Glutes, Quads & Calves

Kettlebells are great for cardio, strength, and flexibility training. I recommend women to use between 8 and 16 kg weights (a 12 kg weight is handy to have), while men should aim for 16 to 32 kg (a 20 kg weight is handy to have) though these weights vary depending on the exercises you are preforming. No harm in starting low and working your way up.

Reps and sets will depend on intensity and fitness levels. For most exercises, aim for 3-5 sets of 10-25 reps with good form. Use high reps when trying to burn calories and low reps when trying to build muscle. The BEST way to train is a mixture of high and low rep ranges.

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