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5 Reasons Why Your “Healthy Fat Loss” Cookbook Is Making You Fat (article)

By November 8, 2014April 23rd, 20152 Comments

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5 Reasons Why Your “Healthy Fat Loss” Cookbook Is Making You Fat

By Flavia Del Monte, Registered Nurse, CPT, CN
Creator of Flavilicious Cooking

Did you know the majority of recommendations inside cookbooks are NOT basing their recipes around the latest science? 1

General cooking guidelines are completely outdated and have hardly changed, despite nutritional science advancing greatly, the past few decades.

After researching and examining dozens of popular “healthy fat loss” cookbooks in the mainstream, I uncovered the 7 mistakes of cookbooks that actually make people fatter and you must absolutely avoid if you ever want your recipes to help you burn fat twice as fast.

“Healthy Fat Loss Cookbook” Mistake #1:

1. “Quantity NOT Quality”

To understand why it’s a mistake when cookbooks focus on quantity of calories instead of quality of calories, Consider this analogy:

Food is like the air you breathe. If you want to avoid lung cancer, would you avoid breathing less air? Of course not. You would avoid breathing toxins that cause lung cancer, like cigarette smoke. The SAME rule applies to the foods you eat.

Focusing on breathing less air to avoid lung cancer is as moronic as focusing on eating less calories to avoid getting fat. The air you breathe is not all of the same quality, just like the calories you consume are not all of the same quality. I realize this goes against everything you read but science proves that it’s the quality of the food you eat, not the quantity that helps you lose weight.2

The next page will show you the EASIEST way to lose weight by focusing on TRULY DELICIOUS quality food and forgetting about quantity.

“Healthy Fat Loss Cookbook” Mistake #2:

2. “Moderation”

The next problem is that most cookbooks recommend “everything in moderation.” While there is a degree of truth here, consider another analogy:

Telling a food addict to eat junk “in moderation” is just as ridiculous as telling a smoker to smoke in moderation, or an alcoholic to drink in moderation. Moderation doesn’t work and can even kill.

“Everything in moderation”gives people a license to eat things they shouldn’t eat. And the science is showing that “moderation” can set you up for food addictions3, allows immune system weakness and certain foods can lead to weight gain. Practically, it’s a slippery slope and only tempts your craving that always win and cause you to gain fat in the end.

Instead, you can my use my 3-step skinny solution on the next page where you’ll discover the shocking TRUTH about WHEN and HOW MUCH you must eat to weigh less.

“Healthy Fat Loss Cookbook” Mistake #3:

3. “Counting Calories”

Grab a seat because what I’m about to say may shock you: stop counting calories. It’s makes you FATTER. Here’s the next analogy to explain why:

Cookbooks treat your body like a bank account, when really, your body operates like a chemistry lab. Although, the total number of calories matters, it’s only a part of the story. You see, if your calories come from recipes that are causing your body trouble, then it doesn’t really matter how much or how little you eat.

Eating the wrong foods, regardless of the amounts, affects your body’s chemistry. And the wrong foods are not just chips, cookies, crackers and cake. They include many popular recipes that contain fat-storing wheat, gluten, soy, sugar and even dairy.

On the flip side, studies have shown that increasing the right foods such as, protein alone, can help you start losing weight without counting calories or portions. Protein puts fat loss on autopilot.45

You’ll learn the most DELICIOUS protein recipes you can eat to burn MORE fat using the system on the next page.

“Healthy Fat Loss Cookbook” Mistake #4:

4. “Foods Low On The Satiety Index”

It’s not hard to overeat a 1,000 calories chocolate brownie, while you may need a cheering squad to help you finish 1,000 calories of boiled chicken breast with raw broccoli.

This is a perfect example of how certain foods will impact the amount of calories you end up devouring (or gagging down). This is known as The Satiety Index.7

Sadly, most cookbooks are filled with foods LOW on the satiety index and they INCREASE hunger, DECREASE feeling of fullness and DRAIN your energy for the next few hours.

The key is to avoid foods low on the satiety index or else you will be hungrier, end up eating more and become overweight.

You will find 150+ delicious fat burning recipes on the next page from the first and only “No Calorie Counting” cookbook that focuses on recipes high on the satiety index so that you naturally end up eating less and lose fat easily.

“Healthy Fat Loss Cookbook” Mistake #5:

5. “Culinary Degree Required”

Today’s cookbooks require a culinary degree to match the skills of Gordon Ramsey and simply not practical for busy people.

According to a Sacla, 8 ,67 percent say they found recipes in many glossy cookbooks simply intimidating because of unfamiliar ingredients and recipes.

“Flavia, what do I do next?”

First off, if you think it’s necessary to focus on quantity, count calories, deprive yourself of insanely amazing food in order to get a flat stomach and lose all your unwanted fat, then Flavilicious Cooking is definitely NOT for you.

However, if you’d like to use the first “To Hell With Calorie Counting” cookbook of is kind that offers ease and simplicity, just click the “Next Page” button below.

You’ll discover a shockingly simple 3-step solution that lets you eat more but weigh less so that youFIGHT FAT with 150+ TRULY delicious and satisfying recipes that you and your family will TRULY love and that appeals to your abs in the same way they do to your taste-buds.

It’s tested, it’s pro-chef designed and it’s the healthiest and easiest ways to getting a flat stomach and feeling absolutely confident in your own skin WITHOUT counting calories, starving yourself or depriving your taste buds from insanely amazing food.

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Scientific References can be found here:

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