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Reverse Lunge + Cable Row (Fitness Tip Tuesday)

By November 4, 2014One Comment



Reverse Lunge + Cable Row

How To: Hold rope in both hands. Step back into a lunge and pull the rope toward your body. Return the rope to the beginning position. Step back to standing position. Repeat with other leg.

Muscles Used: Quads, Hamstrings,  trapezius muscleslatissimus dorsi, the erector spinae, rear deltoids, bicepsbiceps brachialis, and forearm flexors.

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  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Flavia
    Will try this with resistance bands.
    I have been to Barbados as I am originally from Trinidad now living in Australia. Bridgetown is great and quaint in parts. Accra beach is a nice stretch of sand and the water is beautiful. ENJOY!

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