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Sexy Curvy Calf Workout (Workout Wednesday)

By September 17, 20142 Comments



Sexy Curvy Calf Workout

Single-Leg Standing Weighted Calf Raise

Hold dumbbells to the side. Lift heal up as high as possible, pause, slowly lower and repeat.

Squatting Calf Raise

Squat down and hold onto something that can support your weight. Lift your heels up as far as you can, pause, slowly lower and repeat.

Seated Calf Raise

Holding dumbbells in hand, Place one dumbbell on each leg with feet flat on floor. Lift heals as far up as can, pause, slowly lower and repeat.

Power Squat Jump

Lift your body up onto your toes, jump up, land softly on your toes and lower done to heel. repeat.

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  • Callie says:

    Hi flavia-

    I’ve been falling you for close to year now, and I’m so appreciative of all your motivations, tips, and workouts. I also Think you have a beautiful physique! I’m wondering, when your in a hypertrophy phase, how do you figure out your daily calorie requirements and macro breakdown? Has it just been trial and error over the years? I’m also a vegan and I find I have to supplement with protein a lot to hit my protein requirements. Thoughts on that?

    Thanks for all you do,


    • Anna says:

      Hi Callie,
      A lot of it is trial and error. Typically you want to multiply your weight times 14 – 16 in hypertrophy phase and go from there to get the amount of calories you need. It is harder hitting your protein requirements when you are a vegan, and more supplementation is fine. Here is an article that Flavia wrote about a vegetarian diet that may help you out:
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

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