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Workout Wednesday – Get Your Sweat On Shoulder Workout

By April 30, 2014June 10th, 2016One Comment


Today we will get our “Sweat On” by working the entire delt muscles. We will be doing two separate shoulder exercises per circuit and then combing the two moves into one combo move. We will then follow the combo move with a cardio burst to really get your sweat on! Your shoulders will be burning after this workout!

Some quick tips to get you started:

* You may have to use lighter weights when doing the combo moves.

* Use full resistance on the eccentric movement by taking a full 4 seconds to bring your weight down. The muscle you are working will start to burn as you get closer to your 10th rep.

* Limit your rest between exercises to 10 seconds.

* Set-up your equipment before you start your workout.

* Do a 3-5 minute warm-up before you begin and be sure to include some shoulder muscles by doing forward and backward shoulder rolls, arm circles, forward punches, etc…

* This workout takes approximately 50 minutes with a warm-up and cool down and will burn around 350 calories.


Workout Wednesday’s Shoulder Workout:




10 – Seated Dumbbell Side Half-Circles(With palms facing forward at your sides and arms straight bring them forward about 6-8 inches, next with arms straight bring them up doing a half-circle so arms are now at the top above your head, slowly bring them back down(4 second count) to the sides of your body.)

10 – Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press

10 – Seated Dumbbell Side Half-Circles to Shoulder Press(At the top of the Half-Circle move bring your arms down to a 90 degree angle, complete shoulder press, at the top of shoulder press move bring arms back down slowly to the sides of your body).

40 seconds High-Knee Jump Rope

Repeat circuit 2 more times, rest 30 seconds between circuits.

10 – Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raises

10 – Seated Dumbbell Front Raises

10 – Seated Dumbbell Lateral to Front Raises

40 seconds Toe-Taps on Aerobic Step

Repeat Circuit 2 more times, rest 30 seconds between circuits.

10 – Dumbbell Bent Over Rear Delt Side Raises(with palms facing backward)

10 – Dumbbell Bent Over Rear Back Raises(with palms facing backward arms move from side of body to behind body-as if your sking)

10 – Dumbbell Bent Over Rear Delt Raise to Rear Back Raise

40 seconds of Side-to-Side Hops off Aerobic Step(with one foot on step, bring the other foot to the side of the step, as soon as your toe touches the floor hop over the step using your foot on the step for momentum. This is a fast and intense move.

Repeat Circuit 2 more times, rest 30 seconds between circuits.


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