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Food Friday – Benefits of Vitamin B

By December 13, 20132 Comments


Vitmanin B1

Improves brain function

Produces energy

Helps your body digest food

Helps treat certain types of disease

Benefits eye health

Vitamin B2

Cure for migraine headaches

Acts as an antioxidant

Increases energy levels

Minimizes effects of cancer

Helps break down calories

Vitamin B3

Boosts levels of good cholesterol

Reduces hardening of the arteries

Beneficial for nervous & digestive system

Helps lower level of bad cholesterol

May help prevent heart disease & diabetes

Vitamin B5

Helps your body metabolize food

Treats acne, yeast infections and heart failure.

Helps regulate the nervous system

Help you maintain clear, healthy skin

Taken by mouth to treat insomnia, depression, headaches, dandruff…etc.

Vitamin B6

Prevents heart disease

Lowers blood pressure

Lowers blood cholesterol

Cure for premenstrual syndrome

Improved depression & memory

Vitamin B7

Reduces heart problems

Improves Metabolism

Helpful in reducing fat

Beneficial for hair and nails

Helps maintain proper blood sugar levels

Vitamin B9

Prevents heart disease and stroke

Lowers risk of birth defects

Prevents & protects again cancer

Aids in producing healthy blood cells

Strengthens immune system

Vitamin B12

Converts carbohydrates into glucose

Maintains healthy digestion

Essential for skin, hair and nails

Prevents against heart disease

Reduces depression and stress

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  • jenn says:

    I am not sure where you obtained your source but to have the source say that B6 “cures” PMS is a bit of a stretch. It certainly can help with it. May woman on birth control have decreased B6 levels related to the effects of the pill.
    calcium and magensium also another players involved in helping to manage PMS.
    B6 is also helpful for woman experiencing morning sickness.
    B12 is helpful for maintain congnitive fxn and the nervous system.
    B5- is very abundant in our diet and a deficiency is rare. The point “Taken by mouth to treat insomnia, depression, headaches, dandruff…etc.” seems like it is the miracle vitamin.
    I know your intention is to educate people and encourage people to ensure they are meeting their nutritional needs which ever diet they are following but it would be helpful to have the references listed with any education piece. As you know, there is so much information out on the internet and many is not proven or supported by reliable and sound evidence.

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