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We will be getting our “Sweat On” this week with an amazing leg workout. If you want sculpted lean legs this is the workout for you!! You will be performing a resistance move followed immediately by a cardio move. You will complete the full 12 move workout with limited rest(10-15 seconds) after each cardio move and 60 seconds rest after the full 12 move circuit. Repeat full circuit 2 more times. Each circuit should take approximately 15 minutes, with a warm-up and cool down this workout should take you less than one hour and you’ll burn close to 500 calories!

Here are few quick tips before you begin your workout:

* Read the workout and visualize yourself going from move-to-move.

* Set-up your equipment and select your weights before you begin.

* Alternate the leg you start with for each of the circuits, if you start with your right leg on circuit one, start with your left leg on your second circuit.

* Do each cardio move with the most intensity as possible.

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