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Fitness Tip Tuesday – Pike Push-Up

By August 27, 20134 Comments

Toning Arm Workouts

Toning Arm Workouts

Toning Arm Workouts

Pike Push-Up 

Burns: 60 Calories in 10 minutes

How To: Begin with feet elevated and your min-section up in the air, bending your body in half. This is putting the weight of your body onto your hands. Bend at the elbow bringing your body down, then push back up. 

Muscles Used: Deltoids and Triceps

Exercise library is in it’s final stages!! Can’t wait to show you what I have been working on for you!




This exercise is not intended for single workout use. The calories burned is used to show the difference between each exercise. When you look at the Squat for example, it burns so many more calories than the bicep curl. I want you ladies to see why I do pair certain exercises together.
This way, you ladies will be able to look at the exercise library (soon to come) and say, ” ok, I want to burn a lot of calories this week. I am going to put this exercise in this week (squat) and this one (lunge) and I’ll add a less calorie burning one (bicep curl) so I don’t get too tired….”  You will be able to create your own workouts and have a strategic look at what you want to include in your circuits.

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  • Rozanne Workman says:

    So excited to view the library. Thinking about you and the baby. Hope all is going well. You are such a great coach.
    Thanks so much,
    Rozanne Workman

  • cathy chevlin says:

    Hi Flavia , Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! I am new to your website and have purchased the curvaliious on line ! I was wondering if I can purchase these programs on C.D I do all my exercises at home . I am 55 and I do workout ,but I just quit smoking which is great! however I am Gaining weight And I am not eating anymore than I did before I Quit ? I am at a loss and wondered if you had any advise ? Thanks Cathy

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