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Fitness Inspiration for Women

Fitness Inspiration for Women

Fitness Inspiration for Women

To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness and maintain an interest in life

– william linden 

I shared in my newsletter my way of staying lean and healthy through food. If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletters, make sure you sign up here on this page in the pink email box below.

Here is what my meals look like:

Meal 1: Protein + Fat + Veg

Meal 2: Protein + Fat + Veg

Meal 3: Protein + Veg (pre-workout meal)

Meal 4: Post-workout Shake (protein + water)

Meal 4: Protein + Carb + Veg

What about you? What are you eating these day??

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  • Lucie says:

    Hi Flavia! I hope you and baby are feeling good. My best regards to Vince too.
    Thank you for your post and newsletters, they always bring motivation and remind me to keep staying on track.
    Well, for a while now I haven’t been having protein for breakfast, only Oatmeal with plenty of fruits. I have recently read that we who are trying to build some muscle should be careful with fruit as in excess the sugar gets converted and stored as fat.
    So less fruit, (hard as I am a big fruit lover) and a source protein is what I have to plan for my breakfasts.
    As for lunches, as you say, carbs should be taken only pre workout and bread avoided as it is so easy to overdo it with it. So protein, roasted or grilled veggies to keep their vitamins and some fat. Altought you have to count the fat you cooked your protein in too in case you fried it wich is not so recommended but you can do so with extra virgin olive oil (be aware of what oil you buy too…Very interesting article you had sent last time on this matter.)
    Dinners are mostly as lunches, protein and veggies or a salad (no sauces full of crap) just with balsamic vinegar, herbs and sometimes a touch of olive oil for the fat. You can also add nuts.
    My problem is over bindging, I tend to eat goodies in the afternoon, mostly fruits and as today chocolate pudding….Resisting is not my forte. I have to learn to say no and say it with a smile not by saying no and being bitter for not having what I wanted :p
    We need to have our goals very clear in mind I guess this is the only way to ignore the treats.
    I wanted to ask you Flavia, how many times a week do you recommend to work a body part? For example with strenght training, I read 2x a week is good. Should it be the same with arms?
    Also how many times do you recommend doing cardio? I read running isn’t the best cardio option. I use my bicycle and there are quite a few mountains here so going back up home is a challenge :p But I am not sure it is enough.
    Thank you for always being there and posting the most you can. We support you very much and hope to see baby Del Monte very soon 🙂
    All the best and great work being such a good and motivated woman
    Xoxo Lucie
    Facebook: be.cause.754

    • Anna says:

      Hi Lucie,
      It depends on your goals. When your doing a split routine, trying to add muscle, typically hit legs twice a week and everything else once. Cardio, once again depends on your goals but start with 3, 15 – 30 min HIIT sessions per week and you can add one 40 min SS session per week if needed. Yes, make sure your eating enough protein throughout the day. This will also help with your cravings. Check out this article:
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Lucie says:

    Oh my goodness! I just saw baby Flavia on your Facebook! What am angel!
    Congratulations Flavia!
    I know you will be the best mother ever.
    Much health to you and baby,

  • Lucie says:

    Hi Ana

    Thank you so much for the feedback.

    I will make sure to incorporate your advice.

    I wish you a lovely week and all the best to Flavia and her baby girl.
    Kind regards,

  • Lucie says:

    Hello again Anna 🙂

    I hope you are doing fine.

    I was wondering what is the best/most effective type of HIIT cardio in your opinion.
    I appreciate the help and advice you provide us.

    Best regards

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