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Fitness Tip Tuesday – What To Eat For Fat Loss and Health (& 3 ways to detox)

By April 23, 2013April 16th, 201415 Comments

Women's Health

Calling All Women – Step Up and Get Healthy


Fat loss for women is easy when you choose the right foods! I finished watching the food documentary, Hungry For Change, and have compiled all my notes into fun sound bites. Further research is always encouraged to grasp a full understanding at the points below.

If you want to live a healthy life, you MUST stop eating certain foods PERIOD! There are food-like products out there that are literally KILLING millions of people every year.

If we don’t learn how to use foods for it’s proper use, nurturing the body, we will never be able to have the body of our dreams, feel energized and completely rid out body of sickness.



1. At least 1/3 of all women and 1/4 of all men are currently on a diet.


2. We do not eat REAL FOOD anymore. We eat FOOD PRODUCTS and it’s designed to look more tasty, better smelling and longer lasting. The goal of the food industry is NOT to give you a healthy product but to make a product that lasts a long time and makes a lot of profit for the company. Think about that during your next grocery store trip…


3. The best way to look better on the outside is to address the inside.


4. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans consume, on average, 150 pounds of sugar and artificial sweeteners a year! NASTY.


5. The best way to describe our country? Overfed but starving to death.


6. It’s NOT what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you?


7. Understand Feast/Famine. When we eat fats/sugars, our brain immediately says, “Yes. More.” We’ve been programmed to store fat for the famine, but the famine never comes.


Our bodies are designed to store extra fat to protect us from stress. If it goes through a stress, i.e. diet, your body will store an extra 10 pounds so it doesn’t experience that stress again.


8. How we should eat: HIGH nutrition, LOW calories.


9. How we shouldn’t eat: LOW nutrition, HIGH calories.


10.  You can eat 10,000 calories a day. If you’re not getting the specific nutrients your body needs in a way it can digest and assimilate, your starving on a nutritional level.


Your body is going to stay hungry until it gets those nutrients. The cells don’t get nourished. So now you’re not nourished at a cellular level.  Sugars tricks your body into getting nourished. And the cycle repeats…


11. Many people GIVE UP the will to fight so they go to doctors to prescribe a solution, which is always pharmaceutical grade, and we know those do not address the problem, just the symptoms.


12. Sugar is like nicotine. Just like the cigarette companies add more nicotine, sugar starts a chain reaction to wanting more and more. This is how people smoke entire packs a day and can’t explain why. The way cigarettes are addicting is the same way sugar is addicting. The problem is that people don’t know why they keep wanting more. This is called an INVISIBLE TRAP.


13. Food companies engineer addictions into many of the foods today.  The food industry makes tens of billions of dollars. They have the resources to fgure out what chemical derivatives are best to create connections that appeal to consumers and have an addictive component.


14. MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of  foods in the grocery store. AND GET THIS – these names can be hidden behind[B] 50 different names![/B] So even if it doesn’t say MSG or free glutamates, you’re probably still eating it if it’s processed.


15. MSG and free glutamates make us want to eat more by exciting the brain – which activates the fat programs that make us get fatter.


The study of obesity is conducted on mice. In order to make them fat, mice are given MSG. Researchers clearly know that MSG makes us obese and this crap is in 80% of modern day foods. Don’t believe me, go google search “MSG obesity induced mice”


16. If I wanted to make a PROFITABLE food company I would focus on four things:

  • Make it look good
  • Make it last a long time
  • Make sure it tastes like the most fulfilling thing when it first hits your lips
  • Make it so you want to buy more


In short, STOP eating cookies/soda/baked goods/cake, etc.


17. Aspartame is so dangerous, it’s forbidden for pilots to take as it can affect vision and ability to fly.


18. The Yale Journal of Biology suggests that artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain. Over the course of 5 years, those who started drinking diet pop increased their weight by 5 pounds a year.


19. 90% of studies showing that aspartame has no side effects are funded by the sweetener companies or food industry themselves. If you look at the independent studies, you’ll see the exact reverse. Wow, manufacturers funds the studies!  Studies supporting aspartame are not independent studies.


20. Cut out all artificial sweeteners.


21. If you can addict a customer, you can have them for life. Selling sugar is just like selling cigarettes. Aspartame and MSG is just like nicotine. You keep putting it in because it keeps people coming back again and again.  The marketing LIES to you. It says it’ll bring you benefits like sexiness, coolness and health, but in reality it brings you obesity, miserableness and sickness.


You’re going to lose bone mineral density because of the phosphoric acid contained in sweeteners, you’re going to have neurological problems because of the chemicals in the sweeteners, and the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) will promote diabetes and obesity.


21. When you see “Fat Free” you should read, “High in sugar”.  You can buy a bag of sugar that says, “100% fat free”, which is true, but people don’t know that the sugar turns into fat via insulin.  Body stores the fat for later but later never comes!


22. HFCS  (high fructose corn syrup) – people don’t understand the dangers of refining and concenrating ingredients from a single food or plant. In the 70’s Japanese scientists developed the technology to seperate the fructose from the corn which was radically reduced the cost of HFCS compared to other forms of sugar.


HFCS comes from corn but it’s not natural because it’s so concenrated and so refined, it’s a isolated nutrition. For example cocaine is clearly not good for you but it comes from the coca leaf which is perfect for your health and it’s a healthy nutraceutical. It’s not addictive or harmful in any way.


Eating HFCS is a lot sorting cocaine. It’s highly concentrated, refined, isolated, and is a chemecially manipulated version of a plant. In short, white sugar, HFCS and white flour is like snorting cocaine.


23. In the 1900s, 15 grams of fructose was consumed a day from fruit on average. Today, 70-80 grams is the average, while some kids eat up to 120 -150g of fructose a day – 10x more and not from fruit. Fructose is hidden in foods such as cereals, pasta sauces and much more.


24. Another way to view HFCS, in terms of the glycemic index, is to compare it to jet fuel, ingesting into the the human body. You wouldn’t put jet fuel into your car, so why would you put it into your body?  Of course you don’t, you’ll ruin your engine.


25. Read labels. Turn them around. Salad dressing, pasta sauces, pizza sauces are high in HFSC. Stay away from the isolates. Stay away from anything that is unnatural, that is a highly concenrated chemical from a planet that should be consumed in it’s full spectrum, bioavailable form. Food is delivered as a nutrient complex, not an isolate.


26. To conquer your weight, your definition of sugar must expand – breads, pastas, potatoes, waffles, pancakes, muffins etc. are all basically pure sugar. When you see these, think SUGAR!


27. Fat is not what makes you fat, it’s sugar that makes you fat.


28. If you look at how much sugar is in cereal, you might as well roll up your kids sleeves and inject heroin.


29. Food kills more people than all drugs on the earth combined.


30. It is possible to lose weight on a diet. Every time you diet its like borrowing from Peter to pay Paul. If you lose 10 pounds with shear force,  you’ll pay it back with interest.


Dieting violates our body’s basic survival laws. The entire dieting paradigm is flawed. Diets are fundamentally flawed. Every time you force your body to lose weight, you force your body to gain more weight back.


31. YOUR health is under attack. We’ve created over 75,000 chemicals into the food chain since 1940! We have to move away from better living with chemistry, to nature.


32. You need to get rid of the toxins in your body, not just the fat. As long as you take in more toxins than you’re eliminating, your body won’t let you burn fat. Fat actually traps the toxins and prevent them from hurting your organs. Once you lose the fat, you just release those toxins into the body as there is no protective layer for the toxins to be trapped in. You have to address the fact that you’re being attacked by toxins before it’ll let you lose fat.


33. Three tips to start a detox:

  1. Chlorophyll rich foods (well grown organic vegetables, gelatinous plant foods i.e. chia seeds, aloe vera, sea weeds – these gels/fibers move through our intensitinal tracts and absorbs the fat soluble toxins (the liver is trying to get rid of). Without the gelatinous fibers, the toxins would just get reabsorbed in the small intestines.
  2. Parsley – cleanses your entire blood supply. Learn how to make taboule salad.
  3. Cilantro – binds with heavy metals from all the fish you eat. Prevents toxic mercury from getting lodged in your cells.


Looking for a safe and effective cleanse? Here is my absolute favourite one called The Total Wellness Cleanse 

detox for women


34. How to make FAST CHANGES in your health; If it has a shelf life, don’t eat it. The simpler your nutrition gets, the better your health gets.


35. Drink a few pounds of vegetable juice a day. Start with celery and cucumber as your base, than start adding dark leafy greens. Why not just eat our greens? Because we’re not!


36. Juicing is the ULTIMATE fast food diet. Takes minutes to prepare and dumps dozens of nutrients into your cells within 15 minutes!


37. Beware of skin fragrances. A popular brand was tested in a lab had 21 carcinogenic chemicals that were not even listed in the ingredients. This stuff gets into your liver, kidneys, brain, heart and causes disease on the inside.


38. Obesity is not the problem, it’s a solution for people’s stress, traumas and dramas, lack of satisfication, dead end job, pressure in your life, bad relationships…Fix your life.


39. It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what is eating you?!


THOUGHTS? What is your favourite point from above? Mine is number 5 – The best way to describe our country? Overfed but starving to death. That about sums up our society. LET’S CHANGE THIS!!

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  • Clea says:

    LOVE THIS…great list that i cab refer back to when i forget why i eat the way I do!! Love number 38 think this is very true!!

    Thanks Flavia, awesome post!! =)

  • Debbie Doyle says:

    Great info! I especially like the comment that fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does – but boy oh boy, does that truth fall on deaf ears in our society 🙁 Thank you for the condensed that I can share with less enlightened friends. If even they accept one or two things, that will be a blessing 🙂


  • Cynthia says:

    Very powerful blog today Flavia! I will be saving this one to read a few times.

    One snippet from my work experience. I have a large bakery client and while I was waiting to see my client one day, I was stuck in his waiting room with a table filled with his bakery trade magazines, so I started flipping through them. Not one magazine mentioned even a sentence about delivering nutrition! Every article, every ad was about making it faster, cheaper, using better machines, adding chemicals to enhance flavour and on an on it went…and this table was covered with these magazines.
    We are fast becoming a society that needs to step back in time to the way we used to eat, back before the war, before the processed food industry changed the way we eat. But here’s the dilemma, it now costs a small fortune to eat properly! Perhaps you could write something to help in this area?

    • Flavia says:

      Yes it’s true. It’s actually our governments fault as they jack up the prices and make it so difficult for farmers to make things certified organic. There really is no way around that, I wish there were. Trying to go to a local farm or farmers markets could help!

  • Jewel says:

    Being an environmentalist, I watch these types of documentaries all the time. I saw this one about half a year ago, and made notes, too but yours are more readable! I tell everyone to watch this one if they can – it can really open your eyes to what is happening behind the scenes. Another excellent one is “Food Inc.” – a must see as well as anything about Monsanto…you’ll never view food the same again!!!

  • Linda says:

    Great stuff!!

  • Frances says:

    Great ‘in your face’ article, people really need to get their heads out of the clouds of ‘diets are the answer’. If not for themselves but for their children and healthy living.

  • Ester says:

    Today is my daughter’s 12th birthday, what a lovely present for her and I. Will make sure she grows to see it n apply it but first she will have to see me live it…Thank you, you are a life saver in many ways than one

  • Lindsay says:

    This is an excellent article!! I have been trying to tell my family and friends that eating bad like that is way worse for them than they realize. Almost everything I eat is completely clean and has to be prepared by me and has a very short shelf life. I’ve worked in a restaurant as a way to pay my way through school for years now and the kids that come in are getting progressively worse and worse each year. I honestly believe it is completely because of what they are eating, especially all the sugar! No wonder more kids each day have learning problems, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, and the list goes on. Do these parents really not realize that eliminating the sugar and junk food that their children are eating will eliminate the need for doctor prescribed drugs that are not got at all! Most allergies that people have are also mainly linked to something they are eating!

  • Eve says:

    I REALLY “get” the fact that: Sugar tricks your body into getting nourished.
    10. You can eat 10,000 calories a day. If you’re not getting the specific nutrients your body needs in a way it can digest and assimilate, your starving on a nutritional level.

    Your body is going to stay hungry until it gets those nutrients. The cells don’t get nourished. So now you’re not nourished at a cellular level. Sugars tricks your body into getting nourished. And the cycle repeats…

  • Veronika says:

    This reminds me also of the movie Food Inc. I don’t know you have heard of it or seen it…

  • Dara Mazzie says:

    #26 is my favorite…I try to explain to my clients that pasta and bread are sugar all the time! Nutrition is so tricky. There are so many different names for the same things…these were some great points from the documentary. I will definitely watch it this weekend =)

  • Amanda says:

    Forgive me if you’ve answered this elsewhere, but how do you feel about stevia? Does this count as a healthy natural sweetener? Or is it, like every other sweetener, too good to be true?

  • jazz says:

    Hi Flavia, 2qs:

    1. High Nutrition, Low Calories – will you describe a few foods or better categories of such foods?
    2. Low Nutrition, High Calories – same as above
    3. Why not eat greens than juice them?


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