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The Human Body is the Best Work of Art.

Jess C. Scott

Exercises for Women

The Human Body is the Best Work of Art  -Jess C. Scott



It’s true – what you put in your body shows on the outside. I think that’s why we are so attracted to fit people; we know a fit person loves them-self and when a person loves them-self, they be able to love others.

With the weather getting better and better, it’s not hard to find motivation (at least not for me). This winter, in Southern Ontario, has been a LONG one…so bring on the sun.


This weekend we celebrated Vince’s mom’s birthday at an amazing restaurant for brunch. I knew that I would have to have the Belgium waffles and a scone with the jam (my favourite brunch items at this restaurant). And so I prepped for it. I ate very clean for the entire week and made sure I got in some extra cardio.


On the day of the festivities, I would normally workout before or after. BUT, I didn’t. I enjoyed the day without putting all those extra calories to good use.


– Having a “planned” treat day allows for you to cut corners throughout the week.

– Do extra cardio or an extra workout the week before your treat day.

– Workout before or after the treat meal to shuttle the nutrients into the muscle for good use, instead of letting all the extra calories go to your fat cells.

What about you? How was your weekend? What struggles did you face and what struggles have your overcome?

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Hi Flavia 🙂
    I purchased your Curvalicious program and i love it! But i find that most of the time i dont have enough time to get through the whole workout. Is there a way i can modify the workout to be shorter but still effective at burning fat and building muscle? Thanks!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Elizabeth,
      You can make the rest periods as short as possible for your current fitness level. You can also eliminate the ab warm up in the beginning and do it at a later time in the day (or first thing in the morning if you workout in the evening) or only 3 times per week.
      All the best!
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Elizabeth. Yes you can do 2 sets instead of 3 or you can cut out abs every other workout. 🙂

  • Carol Duty says:

    Had a good weekend following a week at convention for our business. I always take the printed workouts with me when I go out of town so I can stay on schedule. Sometimes the hotel gym doesn’t have all the equipment but I have learned to modify or mix a couple of days to get in enough workout with the equipment avaiilable. I always get compliments when I work out because I systematically go through without driffting around the gym looking lost loke some folks do. I love both series of workouts!

  • Linda says:

    Hiya – best $69 I ever spent! I’m 59 and although I been going to gym for last 5 years, 4 of them with a personal trainer,I do not have the body i want, I find your programme very challenging, and look forward to it. I have just started week 4 and can see some arm definition, legs are sculpted, still fat around middle, but am 3 inches slimmer around waist! The second day, I fell off the balance ball, and couldn’t do a side plank, but now, even though it is still a challenge, I am improving week by week.

    For the chin- up and the parallel bar dips ( which I can’t do) is there an alternative I could try that will help me eventually do these exercises? I “hang” and try most days.

    Thanks, Flavia, you’re amazing!

  • Wendy says:

    Thankyou for continuing to help us get/stay fit. It’s also great to hear other stories and their success. 🙂

  • Jennifer says:

    I log my food for the day with an online food diary to show me whereabouts I am with my daily goal intake of protein, carbs, fat, and overall calories. I know most people do not like to do this, but it helps me stay out of the candy because I plan out my meals for the day on it and then I see I have no room for mistakes. When logging food, do you keep track of vegetables or do you consider them a “free” food and eat as many as you want? I believe they generally use more energy to digest than what you get from them….is this the reason for not having to log them when ‘calorie counting?’


    • Flavia says:

      Hey Jennifer. That’s great that you track everything, that is so very helpful. I don’t think you can succeed without that. I personally don’t count veggies but I then make gains (carbs) only about 25% of my daily caloric intake.

      • Emma says:

        Thanks for asking that question, Jennifer, and for responding, Flavia, as I was doing and wondering the same thing!
        When using, I’m tracking all my food while following the Deadline Diet and doing Full-body-licious. I was struggling with keeping the carbs as low as my Deadline Diet calculations suggested I should on the low carb/low cal days, but now I’ve just added up the non-vege carbs and have come in exactly right! Yay!
        Feeling and seeing the changes, and I’m only on Day 5 of the first week! WHOOOOHOOO!
        You ROCK, FLAVIA!
        Thanks so much!

  • Jerry Romine says:

    To keep my diet in check I remember the quote “What you eat in private shows in public!” That keeps everything in perspective for me.

  • Darnell says:

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