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Workouts for Women

At Home Stability Ball Workout

Sets:3 Rest: 60 seconds between circuits No Rest between exercises

Triceps Extension                        x15

stability ball Plank                       x30 sec

Mountain Climber                        x15 per leg

Hip Raise with Hamstring Curl      x15


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  • Andreja says:

    Full-Body-Licious… LOVE the program 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Which program burns more fat quickly Curv or flav? I love them both

  • Karen says:

    Thanks I have done both in the past and just did a month of curv and am not seeing a diff in my body at all. Unfortunately I am living in a hotel situation in Thailand where the food is high in Salt(fish sauce) and it is impossible to control my diet, so that doesn’t help. I think I will start flavilicious today and see how it goes.


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