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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday – Find Your Comfort Zone

By April 8, 20138 Comments

Female Fitness

Find your comfort zone. Then leave it. -Robert kiosaki- 

Starting this Monday, I will begin to share what struggles I faced in the nutrition and exercise department over the weekend, to hopefully help you overcome temptation and succeed with a healthy lifestyle and flawless figure. Of course I will have failures as well as successes, but that is after all human nature!


Whenever I am with family, it seems to be the toughest time to say NO! Not that my family is super unhealthy, it’s more that us Europeans love to drink coffee and eat. That’s what we do. I always want to make sure everyone is fed when they come over and I want my family to like what they eat.

I have been working a lot on cooking this year. Why? Mostly to cook my husband and I healthy meals that actually taste good, but also because I want to create a recipe cookbook for you ladies! (coming early 2013). After all, a flat stomach starts in the kitchen.


Saying no to ordering out – I overcame this temptation by having my fridge stocked and meals thought of in advance. I even baked a healthy treat with ZERO sugar, and prepared it with my family so they too can make themselves a healthy treat.

Staying on-top of my workouts – I skipped Friday’s workout to clean my garage for 6 hours instead. Saturday I also skipped my cardio BUT I did do pre-natal yoga first thing Saturday morning. Usually I would take a walk or do some form of cardio but I did have a sore back from cleaning…I needed to take Sat and Sun off!

That is really important. When you need a break, take it!

Friday night I had a “treat” night. Vince and I went out with friends to a pizza joint and indulged. Another really important point – HAVE SOME TREAT TIMES! Without this you will feel that your life is lacking. You don’t need to go all out. Vince and I both had a salad, skipped the bread, shared a pizza and some sea bass with veggies. Also skipped on dessert. Normally I would have wine also, but for the next several months that won’t be happening 🙂

Take- Outs

– Have your meal thought up in advance when having company. Make sure your kitchen is armed with ONLY nutritious foods

– Know when too much is too much! Super important if you are pregnant. Take time to rest and rejuvenate when needed.

– Treat yourself but don’t over do it! Skip foods that hold ZERO nutritious value like dessert.

Hope that helps. This week was a success. Let’s hope for the same results next weekend 🙂

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  • Amanda says:


    Thank-you for sharing that with your readers! That is really helpful as I feel like weekends are harder for me as well and seeing and hearing how you cope with it helps me! Plus you know when to take a break and not let yourself feel bad about it. Sometimes I feel bad if I miss a planned workout but know when I need a break as well! I can get over obsessed with working out! Anyway thanks for that motivation and have a great week! Your weekend sounded fun! 🙂

  • Jabeen says:

    Well said Flavia and I agree abs are made in the kitchen and I cant wait for your cookbook!

  • vanessa says:

    Hi Flavia,
    I am a new subscriber and i just wanted to share with you my thoughts so far. I am really impressed with your honesty. Honesty, on workouts and nutrition. I have been lifting weights and eating clean since i was 23. This year will be 20 years. i have certainly had my challenges. I appreciate reading and watching things i know are useful and true. I wish you had been around earlier in my life so i would have had an easier time. Your younger subscribers are lucky to have this kind of info so easily available . So I’d like to say thank you! And good luck with your pregnancy!

  • Vicki says:

    Hi Flavia, thanks for all you do!! I too am waiting for your new cookbook to come out, Any idea approximately it wii be available?? Thanks and congrats on your pregnancy..

    • Anna says:

      Hi Ladies,
      I believe that is a typo and Flavia meant early 2014 🙂
      Anna, CPT, FF Specialist

  • Lori/Souper17 says:

    Weekends can be a challenge if you have an event where you feel you’re not in control of your eats. What I usually try to do is prepare by working out first thing in the morning and having very healthy and veggie-based meals until the event. I know that I’ll be consuming more calories than normal but I try to make the best choices and ask if something is really worth the calories, I hate putting crap in my body. Usually it’s more carbs than I normally would have that late in the day but I look as that as an opportunity for me to do an intense workout the next day knowing my body is fueled with lots of energy that has been stored and waiting for it to be released.

    I also try to plan my weekends where there are activities and not to just sit. So, if I’m going to a party I always ask if I can bring some games, whether it be dice or board games or if they have a pool table or dart board I start some kind of competition to get people engaged. If your moving you burn more calories and you consume less food!!

    Weekends are for long bike rides, rollerblading, ice skating(in winter) anything that gets the body moving outside of a formal workout. I’m lucky that my hubs & I do a lot of outdoor activities and he’s always up to doing whatever and doesn’t look at it as work but rather fun!

    Pizza and custard are culprits on the weekend, cuz I love going out for a good pizza and having a hot fudge sundae(real custard) afterward, but that’s an entire day’s worth of calories…but sometimes you just have to do what you love to do knowing you’re on point the rest of the week!

  • Anna says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Flavia! I agree, planning ahead is everything!

  • 1 . In the “about” food list, it states my type is actually four. 2 . six (8E200) in the event that that will help.

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