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Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.


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Getting to the gym or your workout is most of the battle. When is the last time you were upset with yourself for not going to the gym? When is the last time you were upset about eating healthy? If we keep skipping a workout or skipping a healthy meal, we will make things so much harder to get back on track.

Have a plan and execute. You won’t regret it!

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  • Toni - South Africa says:

    Yeh I really needed this, really didn’t WANT to make gym tonight… but now I am going to. CrossFit here I come!!!
    Thanks F :0)

  • fya says:

    Hi Flav… I’ve lost 0.5 kg but I did this in slow 6 weeks (ps. I trying to lose the last 2-5 kg). But I’ve lost 4.5 inches in total. I ate well during this periods (90% of the time) – starchy carbs only after workouts. I am looking into loosing another 2-3kg of fat in the next 2 months. Any tips? I do weight training only 3x a week only due to time & the fact that my body takes time to recover after a tough workout. Should I cardio on most days?

    • Flavia says:

      Great job Fya. I would for sure include HIIT 4-6 times a week until you lose the weight you desire then kick it back to 3-4. All the best! You can for sure keep going.

  • sandy says:

    hi flavia. i ordered 4 cycle solution through you and should get your booty breakdown program. can you help?

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