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1) Dumbbells (10-20 lbs)
2) Bench/Box (something strong enough to hold your weight)
3) Resistance band (the thicker the band, the more resistance)

Reps: 15/leg

Do this circuit 4 times for an amazing 20 minute leg and glute workout!



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  • Anna G says:

    Looks great! Thanks Flavia! Love all the pictures, you look gorgeous!

  • Kelly says:

    Looks good 🙂

    Am I’m being silly as I can’t see the reps/rest?

  • Carolyn says:

    I must know…where is the cute outfit from?

  • Alana says:

    I saw this after I came home from my leg workout! It as totally inspired me to keep at it through the burn. Watching your videos on YouTube has given me many tips on how to improve my technique on a variety of exercises and I’m noticing the difference throughout my body. Thank you 🙂 xxx

  • Kelly says:

    Thanks Anna

  • Eve says:

    On the weighted step-up do I do all reps. on right leg and then switch to left leg or switch legs each step-up? Thanks 🙂

  • Diana says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures along with the verbiage. It helps me alot.

  • Shelby says:

    Looks awesome, going to try this tonight.

  • Jo says:

    I love your workouts Flavia but have had to stop doing them. I’ve recently had an arthroscope where they found I have Grade 3 arthritis and softening of both my thigh and shin bones at the tip. that means I cannot do any weight bearing leg exercises such as lunges, squats, step ups, anything on my knees and interval training on the treadmill. I have started to workout using a resistance band but wondered if you have any alternative exerices I may not have thought of that don’t impact the knees but still work the legs and glutes. Thanks. Jo

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Jo, perhaps Dr. Kimberly can help you with some exercises as well but here are 3 you can try: might also me a good idea to take the workouts into your physician’s office and see what he/she thinks;
      Best Exercises for Knee Pain:

      Partial Squats: Stand about 12 inches away from the front of a chair with your feet about hip width apart and your toes forward. Bending at the hips, slowly lower yourself halfway down to the chair. Keep your abs tight, and check that your knees stay behind your toes.

      Step-ups: Using an aerobic step bench or a staircase, step up onto the step with your right foot. Tap your left foot on the top of the step, and then lower. As you step up, your knee should be directly over your ankle. Repeat with your left foot.

      Side-lying Leg Lifts: Wearing ankle weights above the knee, lie on your left side, legs straight and together, with your left arm supporting your head. Keeping your right foot flexed and your body straight, slowly lift your right leg to about shoulder height, then slowly lower. Repeat with your left leg.

  • Jo,
    Let me ask you these questions…What is the cause of your “bone softening” vs. arthritis? Also, how long has this been a problem? Does it wake you up at night? Is there a metabolic component?

    • Joanne Arvonen says:

      Hi Dr Kimberly

      I finally went back to an old workout of Flavia’s and found that you had both responded to me back in October. I believe the bone softening is due to arthritis but have been discharged by the surgeon with little after care. He stated that he didn’t want me to do any weight bearing exercises such as running, stairs, squats, lunges as he was wanted to extend the time before I would need a knee replacement. The crazy thing is that until I tore my right knee meniscus last March, I had never had a problem with my knees. I had the arthroscope in September and still have an ache at the side of my knee where he removed the tear and also a foreign floatie. I’m not kept awake at night with my knee. I have recently started using an stationary exercise bike as I am able to reduce the resistance but up my speed to keep my cardio going but it’ a little daunting to not be able to do a lot while standing. I admit it has put me off my exercise routine and I’m finding it tough to get back into it.

      Thank you both for answering and I still love watching the workouts, particularly the awesome arms as I can still do upper body workouts.

      Have a fantastic day.


  • Oh! And Flavia,
    Great work out. Lunges really challenge the balance aspect of the cerebellum and midline structures of the neur-axis. You are a pleasure to follow. Last month I learned how to SUP which is stand up paddleboard in Bodega Bay, Cali. Just 15 minutes after learning I competed in a race and got 4th place. Not bad for 51 years old! Thank you for all of the nutrition tips too.
    Dr. Kimberly Gordacan

  • Channii says:

    Hi Flavia,

    Your body looks absolutely incredible in these photos, good job on working so hard to look so good! I was wondering what bf% you are in these photos? Also, what bf% do you find for yourself is maintainable, what bf% do you usually stay at when you’re not training for a photoshoot etc?


    • Anna says:

      Flavia says she was 13% body-fat. She finds the 15% mark easy to maintain and still have a nice flat stomach, four pack and it only takes her a couple weeks to get the other 2 to pop. Too low body-fat changes hormones which is not advised to stay at for long.

    • Flavia says:

      Thank you! That photoshoot was around 13% bodyfat but I do find that 15% is the magic number for myself. I feel able to function and still can push it hard in the gym!

  • sarah says:

    i have a question, it might sound kind of dumb but im gonna ask it anyway. is it possible to lose fat and tone your upper body but at the same time gain muscle on your glutes? any help would be very appreciated. i was thinking of doing a full body circuit 3 days a week with a little bit of HIIT, a glute and hip concentrated workout 2-3 days a week and a only HIIT cardio session 1 day a week. does that sound about right?

    • Anna says:

      Hi Sarah,
      No question is a dumb question. 🙂 That sounds like a great workout schedule! For sure you can lose fat and gain muscle, work hard and keep your diet clean for the most part and you’ll see great results girlfriend!

    • Flavia says:

      Yes for sure that sounds good. Your nutrition is KEY! And no dumb questions here! If you aren’t losing enough weight I would drop a glute/hip workout and add HIIT instead!

  • Courtney says:

    Hey FLavia!
    I absolutely LOVE your “At-Home” workouts!! Because I have no access to gym equipment, these make my life sooo much easier;P

  • Courtney says:

    By the way, how tall is the ox you are using?

  • Courtney says:

    Thanks Anna!! You are a tremendous help!

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