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I remember this day very clearly. I was home alone, Vince was in Austin Texas at a fitness conference, and I was just fed up with saying “no” to all my friends whom I hadn’t seen for over a month.

I was training hard in Tampa Florida, and came home for my birthday. That night after getting home from my own birthday party and feeling stupid for not eating my own cake, I decided to put on a bikini and take some pics to help remind myself what I was training so hard for.

This was 4 weeks out from my photo shoot in Feb of this year! Later that week, Vince took me out for dinner and a birthday treat and I actually vomited after eating a cookie at my favourite dessert spot. You can say I have had better birthdays…oh well.

Train hard and smart and put in your time. A great body takes time to perfect. ONLY YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Need some more MOTIVATION? Chick here!

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  • Christelle says:

    Wow! How I needed this motivation!!! Ater a weekend of eating way too much and not so healthy, I feel sick and have no energy this morning. I actually went back to bed for an hour longer after weighing myself – skipping exercise! Felt so depressed, dissapointed and tired!! Not worth giving in to chocolates and cake!!

    • Di S from Australia says:

      I know how you feel. Everytime you want chocolate tell yourself your better than than. Otherwise uou end up feeling like crap. So I have protein shake chocolate flavor, so much better.

  • Lori/Souper17 says:

    I actually remember you posting about how you were feeling when you were going through this, missing Vince and feeling emotional. This is very inspirational that you show the very human side to yourself and let the rest of us know at times what we go through is very common, only I don’t quite look like you…lol!!! But we can all work hard to be our personal best, which is always my focal point when working out!

    Love the Monday motivational posts!! Today it’s Day 1 of Musclicious! It’s on!!

  • Mina says:

    Thank you for the motivation today as I was also having a monday syndrome and cheated on my diet a bit but at least went for a jog to burn the extra calories I consumed 🙂
    I have a question about the eating plan dear Flavia. I have hypoglycemia so when I eat unbalanced meals I tend to feel less energetic or sometimes fatigue and that is why I feel better when I balance my meals and combine some healthy carbs with healthy fats and lean proteins. I know in your eating plan we do get to eat 2 combined meals but breakfast is the one that makes me feel very low in energy when I eat only protein without any carbs. Is it possible to get good results if I have an egg with a slice of brown bread for breakfast?

    • Flavia says:

      Hey Mina, I would suggest having something different than brown bread – Ezekiel bread is probably the best bread you can have but try to have some oats or sweet potatoes or some other form of carbs if you are going to have carbs in the morning.

      Have you ever tried to eat a lot of fats and protein for breakfast only? A lot of times people will be amazed how good they feel with F+P because it regulates hormones well. Give it a try one time.

      • fya says:

        I’ve been having no carb breakfast and only have carbs after exercise (when I don’t exercise, I try not to have carbs). I am amazed that I can do well during me exercises despite no carbs before exercise. I am trying to gradually not be so dependant on carbs (except for occasional treats) not just to lose weight but to prevent insulin resistance. My mother was a diabetic.

  • Pauline says:

    Thanks Flavia, I really needed that today as I had been feeling quite low for the last couple of days. Your post got me off my butt and back on track. Did a killer workout and HIIT session and also followed your example and took a pic of myself not to let myself go back to how I was before I started working out. You’re an inspiration…keep up the good work!

  • Rozanne Workman says:

    Thank you for the post. Today, I am struggling with the idea of early morning workouts, because of a changeup in my schedule. I actually sat and watched the workout, instead of doing it…. This is my first week of ‘home workouts’ with you and even after a year of resistance exercising, I feel like a retarded Octopus with the exercise ball. I have never used an exercise ball before. I am having my 56th birthday this month, and I am feeling a bit frustrated. However, I am feeling the pangs of working out to your regime up to two days after I work out. For my age, I want to knock my saggy skin out of the ball park, but my strength isn’t what it used to be. I still look pretty good for my age, but today is a bummer day.

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks for your honesty! We all have those days, but tomorrow is a new day! It is hard to get started but once you do, it’s a little bummpy but mostly downhill!

  • Kasey Eisch-Ermis says:

    Thank you for the post! I am just getting back into a hard training program after having so knee issues that I am trying to overcome. But I am just in a slump! I am so tired and have no energy to get my butt to the gym! I look forward to reading your posts to help me find that motivation! I need all that I can get right now!

  • Anna G says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Flavia!! It is nice to know that you have bad days too. You look awesome in that photo!! Dedication and hard work!

  • Brenda says:

    Really does help to take pictures as you progress to your goal. I know I will even put on my suit and do some posing in the mirror, helps me to not eat that ice cream or whatever I my be craving…

    Flavia..Love your is the same one I will be wearing to my show in oct..So cool!

    • Flavia says:

      Oh nice!! I bought that suit and have never worn it other than this pic. It’s what I put on to keep me motivated. Share your pics with us!!

  • Seema says:

    Hi Flavia!

    I have a quick question about reps. I was reading through some of your exercises/workouts and notice that you recommend various numbers of reps (6-8, 8-12 or 15-20 etc) and I was wondering about the logic behind it. How does someone (who isn’t following a laid-out program) determine how many reps they need for a particular exercise when their goal is fat loss/muscle growth?

    You look fantastic, by the way. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge with us.

    • Flavia says:

      Great question. For muscle building you want to use heavier weights for some exercises (6-8 reps) but using all sorts of rep ranges will really help to develop your muscles properly. If you are gaining too much muscle in a certain area all you would have to do is focus on lighter weight and hit the higher rep ranges (12-15-20).

      Hope that helps! There are some articles on this subject on the blog under women fitness!

  • Andreja says:

    Hi Flavia.

    Just wanted to ask you about walnut oil… Is it really healthy?

    And love the picture 😉 Hope that I will also get amazing results from FBL 🙂

  • Nikki says:

    Wow, you look fantastic! This pic is pure inspiration 🙂

  • Bernie says:

    Thanks for being so forthright…it helps to know that everyone has those moments x

  • Heather C. says:

    Hey Flavia! This picture is so motivational and inspiring. The best part is that it is a “real” picture, not just another random fit female with photoshopped abs and curves smiling lamely into the camera. This picture says to me “you CAN do this but it will take dedication and disipline”. Thanks for showing me tiny women can be strong too (I’m only 5’0″) 😀

  • Belinda says:

    Hi Flavia
    have a quick question about leptin levels, do you have a day where u boost your leptin? if so what would you eat and how much? thanks heaps ! btwvthis picture is so inspiring , looking great:)

    • Flavia says:

      Thanks Belinda. Boosting your leptin levels would be a day where you would “cheat” or “treat”. I use treat days to keep sane during the week. I usually have pizza at my favourite pizza bar (it is all natural ingredients 🙂 or I have pasta, usually risotto. I try to have about 3 times the amount of carbs I usually do during a day. I may also have a treat but not often. My treat days are pretty tame or lame you could say but I feel best doing it this way!

      I tell my ladies not to have any deep fried foods (trans fats) and only eat up to 3x the normal days calories. Limit alcohol to 2 drinks that day also.

      • Belinda says:

        thankyou so much!!

        • fya says:

          Yes cheat day helps..the last few days before cheat day, I usually crave carbs & can’t wait to cheat! I overdid my cheat day this week and found that I was craving carbs the next day & I even gave in to half a cup cake…! bummer. Well I am only human. I was glad I was back on track after that.

  • Di S from Australia says:

    Wow Flavia, you look amazing! I’ve just started doing your fitness routines and have dropped 2 1/2cms of 1 inch off my waist in 3 days! I’ve have 5 children so I have a fair bit of mummy tummy. My BMI is 30.5, height 168cms or 5 foot 6. So that gives you an idea of my shape. Seeing this has inspired me even more. I go hard and sweat my ass off, I’m put of breath, and extremely thirsty. So I’m eating lean, and getting great progress. Your an inspiration. Thanks.Di

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